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Otoshidama is money that children recive from parents and relatives during the New Year holiday. The money is put in a small envelope (photo). Usually it is handed to the children in person after they have said their New Year's greetings.
Children is not interested in the design of the envelope tough there are many designs. Important for children is an amount of money in the envelope.

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Otoshidama is enjoys very much for children at the New Year holiday. The person who gets Otoshidama is from a kindergarten to the university or college student.

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The average of elementary school child's Otoshidama is 24132 yen as 2005. (elementary school in Japan is about 7 ~ 12 years old) And I think that the average of university or college student's Otoshidama is about 30000 ~ 50000 yen though there are not the data detailed now.
Children who get Otoshidama can spend the money fleely. This custom is wonderful for children though it is bad for adult.

Moreover, children in Japan gets the present on Christmas, birthday, some annual ivents and an allowance from their parents every month. Modern children are rich. I introduce the wallet of child in another article.

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