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Snow Festival soon

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This photo is central of Sapporo today. I live in north of Sapporo, and my working place is in south of Sapporo. So I pass the central by car every day. I passed over the street like the photo today though I used the by-pass route that passed side of the central with the car usually, because I wanted to take this photo.
The high temperature today were + 5 degrees. This temperature of winter in Sapporo is warm. There are few snow only in central Sapporo, but many snow in suburbs of Sapporo.

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I noticed the sow figure today. The snow festival is held in Sapporo on February 5 to 11. This festival is 61st this year, and about 240 snow figures is made befor starting festival on 3 grounds in city (Odori-park, Susukino, Tsudome). This photo is in Odori-park in central of city. About 2 million people visit this festival all over the world every year. A lot of foreigners have come to Sapporo of today already.

Snow Festival Official Site (English)

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In the festival, there are some big snow figures. The height is from 15 to 25 m. The height of 25 m is equivalent to the building of 6 floors.
The citizens cannot make such a big snow figure. Do you know who makes it? Actually, the Self Defense Forces in Japan make it. People in the photo are members of the Self Defense Forces. They make the snow figure as one of the training of cold in winter, and there is a meaning that enjoys of the citizens cooperate with the Self Defense Forces because it is hard and cold in the winter of Sapporo, too.

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*This is not a photo of today.
This is a snow figure that completes before last year. It is very beautiful though it is cold in the seeing snow figure. Please enjoy to delisious Japanese food and Japanese Sake (alcohol) after sightseeing in cold. Sake warms your body with your memories.

Following page is my page in this site, and there are part of snow festival and more information of Sapporo though this page is not completed yet.

(Interesting Story)
As for the snowman, shape is different because of the country or culture. I introduce snowman in Japan. Snowman is called "Yuki Daruma" in Japanese.

ファイル 11-5.jpg
This is standard of Japanese "Yuki Daruma". Probably, the shape is different from your snowman. The same is enjoyment that makes a snowman.

"Yuki" means snow in Japanese, but "Daruma" don't means man directly though "Daruma" is modeled one who is old person as doll. I hope to introduce about this "Daruma" in another article.

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