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TOYOTA's Recall

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The recall of TOYOTA is one of the big news of the world now. The number of cars of the recall is about 10 million. TOYOTA lost their big dredits now. However, this big news of world was small in Japan. Because the recall car was made by US or Europe. Those car was made by local with local person and automobile parts. As for the news in Japan, this TOYOTA was not large. The scandal of politician or Sumo (Japanese wrestling) is bigger news in Japan rather than this TOYOTA's news in these months.

But I watched news on the television today that PRIUS of TOYOTA made in Japan has the trouble in the brake system since last summer and TOYOTA is keeping to disregard this trouble, and the car with this breakdown is causing the accident. TOYOTA is terrible car now. The number of sales of TOYOTA in 2008 became No.1 in the world. I think that only the number of sales in the head of TOYOTA in these years, and other automakers in Japan are disturbed by TOYOTA.

The photo above is PRIUS which is hybrid car, and fuel mileage is 30 km (48 mile) or more per 1 liter.
(*113.55 km (181.68 mile) or more per 1 U.S. fluid gallon)

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This is my car that is called CEDRIC and made by NISSAN. NISSAN is one of big automakers in Japan. Japanese big 3 is TOYOTA, HONDA and NISSAN.

My car history,
(my age)
18 - 20 : CORONA (TOYOTA) *crash
20 - 22 : INTEGRA (HONDA) *crash
22 - 25 : ROREL (NISSAN)
25 - 36 : CEDRIC (NISSAN)
36 - now : NEW CEDRIC (NISSAN) *photo

*crash : I was little street racer!

And other famous and big automaker in Japan,

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