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Japan consumes a large quantities of bean on February 3 or 4. It is a traditional event called Setsubun.
Setsubun literally means "The day between 2 seasons". People celebrate Setsubun on either the 3rd or 4th of February, the last day of winter, and the day before the spring season on the present calendar. Bean throwing, called Mamemaki, is done at home on the day of Setsubun. People scatter roasted soy beans inside and outside their houses shouting, "Fortune in, devils out". Then they eat the same number of beans as their age and wish for good health. Bean is "mame" in Japanese and means good health.

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Moreover, the event of Mamemaki is done in all Japan. The foreigner is surprised what happen. People in the photo wear old government official's clothes.

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Mamemaki is done by the kindergarten and the elementary school too. This is children's favorite events, and children throw many many beans to the devil. The teacher is serious after Mamemaki, because room and school building was littered with many beans.

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Another event of Setsubun is to eat this Ehoumaki. Ehoumaki is one of Norimaki which is one of Sushi. There is 7 ingredients in Ehoumaki, and 7 are believed to bring good luck, because there are the 7 Gods of Good Fortune which are belived to arrive on a ship full of treasures and bring peple good fortune in Japan. This 7 Gods are called "Shichifukujin".
Moreover, there is a custom in how to eat Ehoumaki. At night of Setsubun, people turns for the direction of the god who called Toshitokujin, shuts eyes, doesn't talk, wishes someting inn their heart, and eats. The direction of Toshitokujin changes every year and it was west-southewest this year.

*The price of one Ehoumaki is 400 - 500 yen.

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She is a singer who says Hitomi Yoshizawa. This photo is an advertisement of Ehoumaki. The Japanese feels the coming of spring by this Setsubun though there are many many snow in Sapporo where I live. haha

There is a traditional event in Japan every month. There is a big event that prays for the girl's growth and called "Hina Matsuri" in March. I introduce it next month. Thank you.

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