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Kanpei Hazama

If you live in Japan, you have to do two things. It is song in Karaoke, and one is to make "the person laugh". An amusing person is more popular than person who is only honest in Japan. This is not only a general person, it is all, lover, parents, politician, teacher in school, doctor, army, lawyer, police, etc. Yes, Japan is a large country of the "gag". This gag is a cause the delegation of Japan invites misunderstanding at an international conference sometimes. The person who reads Manga of Japan might know it. In Manga, there are a lot of gags. If you want to live in Japan, and to make the friend in Japan, you should have the Japanese laugh. It is necessary to live in Japanese society.

And the person in the photograph above is Kanpei Hazama who is the authority of the gag in Japan. This article introduces him.

*I introduce karaoke in another article some time.

His face is a gag. His name is Kanpei Hazama.
He is 60 years old as of 2009, and he became a disciple of the show business at the age of 19. He did the singer and the actor besides the gag. The feature of his gag is vulgar and crude. However, he built a social position by having continued for years, and he became one of the very popular entertainer. There is no Japanese who doesn't know him now. The parents also like him though the parents are serious because children mimic his gag.

The name of his representative gag is "Kaiiiii-no", "Ahe-ahe-ahe-ahe", "Aaaaaaa-mema", "Name-name-kuji-kuji-name-kuji-kuji", etc. I cannot explain the meaning of this gag. Because it is very difficult to translate a Japanese gag to English. Ask it to Japanese if you have Japanese in near, he will play the gag. hahaha

And now,
Kanpei Hazama is challenging Earth Marathon with his sick "prostate cancer"!

This story is a fighting spirit of Kanpei Hazama. Earth Marathon is around world by marathon and sailboat.

He started Osaka in Japan on December 17, 2008. At first, he ran to Chiba in Japan in two weeks, and he sailed from Chiba to Los Angeles of the United States with the sailboat. After that he crossed the American Continent to New York by the marathon in 4 months. And he went over the Atlantic Ocean by Sailboat, and he arrived at Le Havre of France on August 17, 2009. Again, he is continuing the marathon of the Eurasia crossing to Qindao in China. After Qindao, he go to Japan by sailboat and run inside Japan to Osaka. It is said that reach to Japan for 1 year or more.

It turned out that he suffered from prostate cancer in Istanbul in Turkey on January 4, 2010. However, he decided to keep running on January 13 though he worried very much. Why does he keep running? He said that, at first this marathon was for me only, but it changed for people who assists him from world, and this marathon is gag! Now, many many people from world assists him. So he chose to run.
His sick news was very large in Japan. But I had known that his choice when I heard that news, because he lives for people always. Yes, gag is for people. I pay high tribute to his courage and his gag!

*Because he runs while being treated, he is no problem, and cancer is got over by modern medical care now.

He started Osaka in Japan on December 17, 2008. People thought that this marathon was a performance of his gag though he was good at the marathon. However, he canceled many his regular program on TV for this marathon.

On sailboat. It is written passed the International date line on his board. (February 1, 2009)

After he arrived US, he started to spread his gag to people in the world.

Of course, the children also does his gag.

He arrived at New York on July 8, 2009. A lot of people blest his arrival.

His marathon becomes famous, and he is covered about the television and the newspaper in various places. She is a journalist of the television of Bulgaria.

And, the newspapers of various places publish his marathon and he is very pleased.

People who wait for him, and assist in him. Kanpei is already famous and popular.

They were German's family, and they were waiting for the arrival of Kanpei at their place. But the battery of their cameras was empty.....

Kanpei entered Turkey in December, 2009. He is VIP also in Turkey. The police in Turkey follow him for his safety.

The policeman laughed by the gag of kanpei.

She is Mitsuyo and Kanpei's wife. She is always supporting him with other staff. And this photo, they ate in the Japanese restaurant in Istanbul in Turkey. They were pleased with Japanese food after a long time.

And, he is running toward Japan while fighting against cancer now.

February 9 2010, he is in near Erzurum in Turkey.

Arrival to Japan will be summer of 2011.

Deens Group assists in Kanpei Hazama. Moreover, I hope that many people in the world assist in him too.

*Official blog (including English version)

*Photo Collection
Earthmarathon's Photostream


If you have message to Kanpei, please teach me by this comment, I translate your message to Japanese, and I send it to Kanpei by his blog. He watch own blog always.

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Hiroki 2010/02/09 (Tue) 21:41 Edit/Delete

If you have message to Kanpei, please teach me by this comment, I translate your message to Japanese, and I send it to Kanpei by his blog. He watch own blog always.

Rucie 2010/02/10 (Wed) 22:20 Edit/Delete

I love Kanpei!!! from germany ty

Hiroki 2010/02/12 (Fri) 18:23 Edit/Delete

Hallo! Rucie!
Thank you for comment to Kanpei. I sent your comment to Kanpei as your comment. He will see your comment in Turkey soon.

Ayo Jiboque 2010/06/08 (Tue) 05:46 Edit/Delete


Hiroki 2010/06/26 (Sat) 16:47 Edit/Delete

Hello! Ayo Jiboque!

Thank you for your comment to Kanpei.
He had been interrupting the marathon for about two months for the treatment of cancer.
However, he restarted the marathon on June 18.
Let's wish the success in his marathon and his marathon gives courage to people all over the world.

Thank you.

Genmonimoothe 2011/01/09 (Sun) 10:31 Edit/Delete

Hi, just joined the forum and looking forward to finding out more, looks like a excellent place!

brtghbgf!! xx

Jasonterogope1 E-Mail 2012/08/12 (Sun) 12:05 Edit/Delete

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