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Valentine's Day & White Day

Valentine's Day

February 14 was Valentine's Day. Has your love grown this time?
Valentine's Day is a big event also in Japan. However, it is a little different from Europe and America at the Valentine's Day of Japan. I introduce the Valentine's Day and another Ivent "White Day".

Valentine's Day in Japan, this is an ivent that a girl and woman declare her love for a boy and a man. They declares her love by presenting a chocolate to a boy and a man. So in Japan, a girl and a woman presents a chocolate for boy and a man. On the other hand, a boy and a man never presents to a girl and a woman at Valentine's Day. Because it is another day. I tell it by the following.

A lot of chocolates are sold in the shop. The price of the chocolate for Valentine is various. The cheapest chocolate is 10 yen. The highest chocolate is 100,000 yen or more. The average of the number of chocolates that one woman presents is called 8 chocolates. And, the average price of the chocolate for true love is 1768 yen, and the average price of the chocolate for obligation is 617 yen. (This data is as 2006.)
And this obligation is said "Giri" in Japanese, so a obligation chocolate is called "Giri-choco" in Japan. Office is completely filled up by the Giri-choco at Valentines's Day. But this year, it was sunday, so it was not so big.

About me in this day, I got 5 chocolates. And it is secret that the true love were included in those chocolates. hahaha
I met 3 people in the central of Sapporo at 6 o'clock of the evening at Valentines's Day. The 3 people are my girlfriend and co-workers. And we went to my favorite restaurant and pub, and I got the present while eating. It was good time for us very much. Do you want to know after that? It is secret! hahaha
I introduce the restaurant by the following.
And, there is popularly a handmade chocolate recently. The photograph above is a handmade chocolate. A handmade chocolate means the big her love.

White Day

"White Day" is a Japanese coinage that refers to the day when men give gifts to a girl and a woman in return for the chocolate of Valentine's Day, and this is March 14, and this is big ivent too. Recently, a man's present is various though the basis is cookie (biscuit). After Valentine's Day, various cookies are sold in a shop. The reason to present a cookie is a mystery.

If a woman gets a cookie with a big and beautiful flower, the love is true! And a man and a woman fall in love.

If you are woman, and you have Japanese boyfriend, please present him the chocolate. You will get the cookie from him on March 14. However, it is not understood whether you get a big flower.

(Mini Information)

There is a lot of kinds of restaurants in Japan. The Michelin Guide of France is the evidence. I go to the kind of restaurant often called "Izakaya". I go to Izakaya in the photograph above 2 or 3 a week after work. The name of Izakaya in the photograph is called Yukiyanagaki.
The Izakaya offers a cheap, delicious dish and alcohol. Especially, my favorite dish is "Yakitori". Yakitori is skewered chichen and pork dipped in a special sauce or seasoned with salt and then grilled. It is one of the most popular foods that people munch on while drinking at cheap drinking places or street booths.

This dish is a menu of Yukiyanagi. The piece of meat on skewer is called Yakitori. And, this restaurant makes a lot of dishes besides Yakitori. This restaurant is really delicious. I go here 2 or 3 a week. The cost of one person is 3000 - 5000 yen on the average usually. Izakaya is a cheap restaurant. You can eat a delicious dish by a low price. So please use it when you come to Japan. The menu of Izakaya such as the meat dish, the fish dishes, and the vegetarian dishes is various.

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