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Hina Matsuri / Doll Festival

There is a big traditional event called "Hina Matsuri" in Japan on March 3 every year. She in the photograph is not a Geisha or Maiko. She is a leading part of this festival and called "Ohina-sama". I introduce this festival in this section.

Hina Matusri (Doll Festival) is a festival for girls held on March 3. It is also called "Momo no Sekku" (Peach Festival). People display hina dolls (photo above) on a tiered stand at home and wish for the sound growth and happiness of their daughter. This event originally began in the Edo era and is referred to as Hina Masturi because families of girls display a set of dolls representing the emperor, empress their servants, miniature furniture, and so forth, on a five or seven-tiered stand. Ancient people transferred their sins onto the dolls and threw them in rivers.

The set of this doll is very expensive. The price of the set such as photo above is 100,000 ~ 500,000 yen or more. The set of this doll is decorated during March, and after that it was put away in closet. And this is by family who has girl, a family who has boy only does not do this event. Boy's event is May. I introduce it in May.

The set of Ohina-sama is very expensive and space is necessary in house, and Ohina-sama is used only once a year, so recentry small Ohina-sama is popular too. However there is no family who has girl doesn't decorate Ohina-sama in Japan.

In the shop, the set of this doll is sold. This shop is a shopping mall. There is a shop of the doll specialty, too. A big doll is sold in the specialty shop.

The girl puts on a traditional kimono (clothes). This is the enjoyment for the girl. The kimono for children is sold for 10,000 - 20,000 yen on avelage. However, the child's growth is early. This year's kimono will not be used next year. Therefore, the rental of the kimono is popular.

The dog and the cat in Japan must also put on the kimono. haha

A man in Japan is weak to the woman who put on the kimono. If you love Japanese man, approach putting on the kimono.

This dish is called "Chirashi-zushi", and a kind of the sushi. The Japanese eats this at evening of Hina Matsuri. The child and the adult like this very much.

This is a traditional sweets called "Sakura-mochi" and this is eaten well by people at this season. Mochi is made by rice, and this is wrapped in the leaf of Sakura (cherry blossoms). People can eat the leaf though I don't like.

*The leaf for the dish is specially processed. Never eat the leaf without the procession.

The children likes this cake better than Sakura-mochi. Children are permitted a lot of cakes on this day. Of course, the boy can also eat with the girl. So this event is big enjoyment for children.

How is this event? It is also good for coming to Japan this season, and if you can enter to Japanese family, this is an amazing experience for you. And a traditional Japanese doll is very good for souvenir though very expensive. And this is not sold at an airport, so go to downtown in the city.

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claudia 2010/02/24 (Wed) 22:21 Edit/Delete

It was very interesting to read about this tradition! The dolls are very beautiful.

Rene 2010/03/01 (Mon) 15:11 Edit/Delete

This is very nice, in an anime I've heard that before considering them, and even if it's the real makes in Japan.
Now is therefore clear that there is an event.
The dolls should probably be in a particular order and positons.
Thanks for this nice report.

Hiroki 2010/03/06 (Sat) 14:34 Edit/Delete

Hello! Claudia, Rene.

And Thank you for your impression. Next, the festival for boys children is held in May, I introduce it in near the day.

Thank you.

Rene 2010/03/06 (Sat) 19:15 Edit/Delete

Do you mean by "Kodomo no hi (こども の 日" in German "Kindertag" is in the Golden Week on May 5?
The Golden Week is a great time in Japan.
4 Holidays in a week.
Maybe you can tell us even more about the golden week.