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School Lunch

I introduce the school lunch of Japan. The reason why I chose this theme is that I saw French's blog. The blog introduced the school lunch of Japan. And, the bloger was surprised at the school lunch of Japan. I do not know details of the school lunch in the world. And, the school lunch might be one of the cultures of the country. Therefore, I introduce the school lunch of Japan. Please enjoy.

I introduce an educational system of Japan first.

(Kindergarten) 3 years old - 5 years old
(Elementary school) 6 years old - 11 years old (6 years)
(Junior high school) 12 years old - 14 years old (3 years)

(High school) 15 years old - 17 years old (3 years)
(University, College) 18 years old - 21 years old (4 years)
(Graduate school) 22 years old - 23 years old or more (2 years or more)

The compulsory education is an elementary school and a junior high school.
And, the percentage of students who go on to high school is 96.5 % in Japan (as 2006).

Incidentally, there is no military service in Japan.

The photograph above is a lunch of the elementary school in Japan.

The student in Japan divides into the class. The classification is equal. The result of examination is not considered. In one class, there are about 40 students. And, there is 5 - 10 classes in a years grade in the school at the big city. So, in one elementary school in the big city, there are 1200 - 2400 students. On the other hand, there are only several students in the school in a depopulated areas. There are both merits and demerits also in any.

One room is given to the class. And, the student is always in this room excluding a special lesson like the physical education. The teacher of each subject visits their rooms, and the teacher teaches it in the room. This style is applied from the elementary school to the high school. The student lunches in the same room. Therefore, there is no dining room in the school in Japan. The school with the dining room is a university or college only.

Most schools in Japan are these styles. How is a school in your country? Please tell me about it when you have time. The school is one of the cultures. I am very interested.

The photograph above is a lunch of the kindergarten. The style of the kindergarten is various.

This is a junior high school. Do you notice their food? They eat the same foods. All students eat the same food in Japan. Of course, the food is different by the age and the region, etc.

The menu changes every day. This meal is for lower classes in elementary school.

This meal is for the kindergarten.

This meal is for the junior high school.

The menu is various. However, the student have to eat it because there is only one menu in a day and the student cannot choose the menu. This corrects child's likes and dislikes. However, special food is prepared for the child who has the allergy. Recently, the number of such children has increased.

In the school, there is a big kitchen. A special cook cooks a large amount of meal in the morning every day. And, the dish is delivered just before lunch time near the classroom.

And, lunch time. Person on duty's student passes out the dish to the students. The student cannot eat until the work is completed.

The student will drop all meals to the floor sometimes. However, the teacher is not angry. Because the failure is one of the studies. The teacher waits for child's helping. Of course, the kitchen at the school has a spare meal. There is no day which the student doesn't fail.

The blog of the French that I had seen was surprised at lunch by this student. And, a commentator in the blog said that "this might be a part of school".
My answer is "most schools in Japan". Accurately, this style is an elementary school and a junior high school. The high school students eats freely. In Japan, the style is various because there is many kinds of school. At least, an elementary school and a junior high school is this style.

However, there are few people in Japan who says that this is bad system for children because they lose one's individuality and this is against liberalism.

I introduce the history of the school lunch in Japan.

It is said that the school lunch of Japan started in 1889 in Yamagata where is in north and east Japan. The school in Yamagata gave rice and fish to a poor children at the lunch time. A rich child and a poor child exist together in the classroom. The cause of poverty is not the child. Therefore, the teacher gave the child his(her) foods. This approach has spread to the whole country by teachers.

However, World War II has increased poverty. The photograph above is Tokyo. Everything changed into the ashes.

And, the number of children of poverty has increased very much.

The school lunch was started again in a part of region in 1946. Japan at that time was getting food from UNICEF and the United States. Japan was poor country very much.
However, there was a child who was not able to eat the school lunch in the classroom. Because their parents cannot pay the school lunch fee.
Therefore, the government constructed the law of the school lunch in 1954. As for the purpose of the law, all children eat, all children grows up well, all children are the hope of poor Japan. Of course, the child at home where the income is a little gets the school lunch fee exempted.
This law is one of the important laws also in present Japan.

The school lunch is a big national business. However, nobody dislikes child's smile.

The school lunch is a smorgasbord sometimes. The child can choose favorite food. Of course, the annual event is reflected as for the school lunch.

Moreover, the education of food is very important today. The Japanese doesn't leave food on one's plates. Because food is important very much for our life. The children learns it.

The children studies the rice growing. They experience the hardship that makes food.

*I do not think that this is done at all the schools. However, the school is teaching it to the children in various styles.

This is study of cooking. This is done at all the schools. When I was a child, I also learnt. This lesson is big enjoyment for the children, but the teacher is very busy. "Hurry up! Hurry up!"

The dish looks like the fried egg. Children will be proud of their skill of cooking after return to the home.

The dish made for myself is delicious.

There is a person who criticizes the school lunch. However, the number is very little. I also ate the school lunch in the elementary school and the junior high school. It is missed for me.

I examined a present school lunch for this theme. A present school lunch has been very changed. Of course, a present school lunch seems to be delicious. My school lunch was bread every day when I was child, and the bread was not delicious for me. However, there were children who loves the bread, I exchanged it with him every day. School lunch was enjoyment for me very much.

I think that this system of school lunch is not bad, I can control food evry day thanks to this system. If I eat favorite food only and many every day, I lose health, and I can think the person who cannot eat enough food in the world now. The education of the school lunch and food is wonderful.

Thank you.

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John 2011/03/09 (Wed) 07:03 Edit/Delete

Thanks for the information about your school food system. I am a student from California in the United Stated and I found this guide very helpful.

Thank you!!