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Sentou (Public Bath)

I introduce important one of the cultures (or lifes) of Japan today. It is a "Sentou". It is famous that the Japanese likes baths very much. People in the world of today take a bath or a shower every day and Japanese people too. However, did ancient people in your region take a bath every day? An ancient Japanese people is the same as the custom to take a bath every day. An old samurai also took a bath every day. Why? The reason is a climate of Japan. Japan of summer is wet very much. Therefore, people take a bath every day at night. However, most old people's houses in a city did not have the bath. There is a public bath called "Sentou" in a city in Japan for the reasons. Old people went to the Sentou at evening. But recently, this Sentou decreases because modern house has a bath. However, this is one of the cultures of Japan. Please try "Sentou" when you come to Japan. You may know one of the Japanese life.

*Sentou is not "Onsen". The hot water of a lot of Sentou uses tap (city) water.

Onsen (Hot spring)

This building is Sentou. The big city such as Tokyo remains old Sentou. Moreover, a lot of Sentou is in downtown in the city. The building of Sentou has a long chimney, the purpose is to bring the tap water to the boil. When I was a student, I traveled around Japan with the car. I looked for the chimney every evening.

It is an entrance of general Sentou. The one like the flag is called "Noren" (shop curtain). Do you see the character "ゆ" (Yu)? "Yu" means hot warter in Japanese. And there are "Blue Noren" and "Red Noren". Blue is a man, Red is a woman. If you go to a Sentou, take care.

The charge is 400 yen on the average. People pay the charge to this person first.

People take off all clothes in here, and doesn't put it in the bathroom putting on a underwear and a bathing suit. Moreover, do you see? There is a person in the Sentou in the left of the photograph. The person of Sentou is looking at man and woman's room, and the person can look bath room too. You might be surprised. But this is one of Japanese culture.

This is a bath room in Sentou, and Mt. Fuji is drawn on the wall. This is old style of Sentou. I went to Sentou with my parents every evening when I was a child though the apartment where I had lived had the bath. People like big bath of Sentou though people like bath in the house. And Sentou is sociable very much.

Bath rooms usually contain an area for washing the body and a separate bathtub. When taking a Japanese bath, one washes the body with soap and then rineses oneself thoroughly before entering the buthtub. Japanese baths are generally deeper than Western baths, so people can enjoy soaking up to their shoulders in a tub of hot water.

A cold drink after take a bath is delicious. Sentou of an old style is disliked by the children though modern Sentou is loved. Therefore, cool and delicious drink are necessary for take the children to Sentou.

The style that puts the hand on the waist after take a bath and drinks is a Japanese custom.

This is modern Sentou called "Super Sentou". There are a lot of Super Sentou in a city part and suburbs too. The charge is 600 yen on the average.

The bathtub of SuperSentou is large and dynamic. However, it is not possible to swim here.

Super Sentou has a lot of styles and clean very much. and there are Super Sentou in all regions in Japan now.
There is Super Sentou where people can stay, too. The stay charge is 2000 - 2500 yen on the average. The travel of Japan using Super Sentou is possible.

In SuperSentou, there is a restaurant too. People spend a lot of time with Super Sentou. And, people relax.

The dish of SuperSentou is comparatively cheap and there are many menu and alchol too. Please enjoy.

Japanese House and Bath room

I introduce the bathroom in the house in modern Japan. The house above is a house that I designed (I am house designer). This house is average in Japan though this house has only the first floor. Please pay attention to the bathroom and the toilet in this house. The bath and the toilet in the house in Japan have divided. All houses in Japan are this style. Bathing is one of the enjoyments for the Japanese. There is many persons who takes a bath for one hour or more, though my bathing time is short (about 15 minutes). Especially, the bathing time of the woman is long very much. It is said that bathing is good for the health very much. It might be one of the reasons for a Japanese long life. Japanese woman's average life span is 86 years old as 2010. (Man's average life span is 79 years old.)

This is an average bathroom. Average size is 1.8m x 1.8m.(The changing room and the lavatory are excluded.) And, the wall and the ceiling in most bathrooms are plastics called FRP, because the wall of the tile cracks easily because Japan has a lot of earthquakes.

This is a bathroom in the house that I designed. The wife in this house likes bathing very much. Therefore, I designed the bathroom where a small Japanese garden is able to be seen.

This is the small Japanese garden called "Tsubo Niwa". Tsubo means small size (1.8m x 1.8m), and Niwa means garden in Japanese.
Of course, there are a dynamic house and a bathroom in Japan, too. However, the homesite is narrow in the city part of the big city such as Tokyo and Sapporo etc. Therefore, a lot of ideas are necessary for the designer.

How is Japanese bathing culture (life)? This theme is not Onsen though the Japanese likes Onsen. Moreover, old Sentou of Japan is popular in recent years for Japanese people. Japanese people likes old thing, antique very much. However, it is only a beautiful thing. Therefore, Sentou is clean though Sentou is old. Dirty Sentou had gone bankrupt in old times. The bathing experience with Sentou might be valuable. But can you become naked? hahaha

About Me

I go to Super Sentou with my friend once or more a week. My favorite Super Sentou called "Yuno Hana" is one hour in the car though there are many Super Sentou in near my house, because I like to drive my car very much. Photo is the "Yuno Hana".
I take my friend to the car on holiday and go to "YunoHana". Her bathing time is one hour though my bathing time is 30 minutes. Therefore, I wait for her in the restaurant of Yuno Hana always. And after that, we take a lunch.

*Yuno Hana is classified into Onsen.

After Yuno Hana, we go to Otaru city for siteseeing and shoping, and sometimes movie theater, and this city is beautiful and old port city. This is very relax for us.

Map of Sapporo, Otaru, Yuno Hana

Yuno Hana Official Site (Japanese only)

Otaru City Official Site (English included)

When you come to Japan, please relax after day.

Onsen is published by the following article in this blog.
Onsen (Hot spring)

Thank you.

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