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The head of state will resign soon

Center : The head of state (Prime Minister) Hatoyama with Miss Sakura. (April 15 2010)

The head of state (Prime Minister) Hatoyama has many many special big problem now. And he will not be able to solve the problem. He might resign in May! And the many people in a country hopes for it.

The Hatoyama prime minister who is a present head of state assumed the position last September. In Japan, the political power changed because of last year's election. The Jimin-tou (Liberal-Democratic Party) as the ruling party was defeated at the election, and the Minshu-tou (Democratic Party) as the opposition won greatly. And Hatoyama who was the party leader of Minshu-tou assumed the position of the prime minister. The many people in a country expected it of a new wind.

However, the people learnt he did not have leader's ability several months later.

The nuclear security summit was held in Washington in US at April 12 and 13. The United States newspaper said the maximum defeat person was Hatoyama after the summit. Hatoyama is not trusted by Obama. The photograph above is April 15. Hatoyama is a insensitive person.

And Japan has big problem with US now, it is a base of the occupation forces in Japan.

After World War II, a lot of U.S. forces is stationed in many places in Japan. However a lot of Japanese do not deny the occupation forces, because Japanese likes American very much. Why Japanese likes American? After the war, the American greatly helped the revival of Japan, moreover, the Europe and America people is seen to the gentleman for the Japanese, and the Japanese respected people in Western Europe from the age of the samurai. Therefore, the U.S. Army was popular in Japan.

Old photo, with American fighter pilot.
Left : me (I was high school student)

I like airplanes very much, of course, I like United States fighter too. So I often went to the base of the air force to see the airplane.

Futenma base in Okinawa

However, the person near the base is sometimes troubled. Especially, the Futenma base in Okinawa is in the residential area. The military aircraft falls sometimes, and the resident lives with the roar and danger every day. Therefore, the government in Japan and the United States planned to move the Futenma base. The place is called Henoko of same Okinawa Island. It had been settled.

However, Minshu-tou that was a new political power destroyed the plad to move after last year's change of power, and at the end of last year, the Hatoyama prime minister said it settled the problem of Futenma by May, 2010. The United States was surprised at his action, and The Hatoyama prime minister said to President Obama "Trust Me!" at Japan-U.S. Summit.

Hatoyama said "Trust Me!" as the problem of Futenma

However..... Today is April 21, and May is soon! This problem has not advanced in Japan now.....

Recentry, Hatoyama says that the new place of base is Tokuno-shima Island.


A large-scale, opposite meeting and demonstration has been held in Tokuno-shima Island in few days. The report is said that about 15,000 people gathered in this meeting. And 3 mayors are refusing though Hatoyama requests the conference from 3 mayors on this island. *This island has 3 towns.

May is soon.....

The report of the television telecasts this problem every day. And, he always says "I do surely!".....
All people says "How?".
May is soon. There is no time any longer. The conclusion in May is difficult very much.

Therefor, Hatoyama might be resigned in May. He had said befor that I resign when I fail in this Futenma. And this political power has a lot of other problems now.

Hatoyama is not disliked as man, however, because he is too gentle, he doesn't have the decision power. And his maximum failure was to have made the time limit in May. Of course, all causes are not only him. Minshu-tou is united with the other two political parties, and the other two political parties also make a lot of problems. Moreover, Jimin-tou that is the old government party runs on the road of the division. Therefore, a new political party is often born. The politics of Japan is confused.

I think that democracy is good, so a lot of people and groups can say the opinion freely. However, in Japan, there are not star of politics like Nakasone, Koizumi and so on. The star of politics is necessary at times, because the political world where the star doesn't exist is always divided. Sometimes, a strong person is necessary even for the liitle bad person. Especialy, Japan now.

This is the Diet in Japan.

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