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The Japanese national flag is called Hinomaru in Japanese, which literally means ths sun circle. The design of the flag is very simple with a red circle symbolizing the rising sun on a white background. It is said that flags with this design were originally used in shrines and, from the 16th century onwards, people started to use it for identification on Japanese ships. It was on 1999 that Hinomaru became the national flag by law.

(Interesting Story)
A red color means the color of the sun in Japan. The color of the sun that children in Japan draw is red. The color of the sun that children in Europe and America draw is yellow. The color used by the race is different.
A red color means blood in Europe and America. Therefore, the national flag of Japan had been called blood in old times. However, it is a misunderstanding.

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Rene 2010/03/08 (Mon) 17:21 Edit/Delete

I have read with interest your article on the Japanese flag and thought maybe it interests you and others why the German flag is Red, Black Gold.

The color results from a (historically authentic) saying in the wars of liberation:

From the black ink (the bondage) by bloody (red) battles to the golden (golden) light of freedom.
At the Hambach Festival in 1832, many were black-red-gold tricolor, shown as a symbol of the quest for freedom, civil rights, and German unity.

The main banner of the Hambach Festival Johann Philipp Abresch made the first tricolor in use today use sequence with the words "Germany's rebirth." This "original flag of 1832 is now in the Museum of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.