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Golden Week

People all over the world likes holiday. The Japanese likes holiday very much too. This section introduces holiday of Japan.

Usual Holiday
At first, most Japanese has two holidays in a week. Usually, it is saturday and sunday, however the modern people's work is various, so a day of the holiday is variously by person.

And there are national holiday too. I inroduce it.

National Holiday
January 1 : New Year Day
January Second Monday : Coming-of-Age Day
February 11 : National Foundation Day
March 20 or 21 : Vernal Equinox Day
April 29 : Day of Showa
May 3 : Constitution Day
May 4 : Greenery Day
May 5 : Children's Day
July Third Monday : Ocean Day
September Third Monday : Respect-for-the-Aged Day
September 23 : Autumnal Equinox Day
October Second Monday : Health & Sports Day
November 3 : Culture Day
November 23 : Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 3 : The Emperor's Birthday

Traditional Holiday
And the Japanese takes holidays traditionally for a long term at the New Year (January 1, 2, 3) and Bon Festival (August 13, 14, 15).

And the holidays above makes long-term holiday by the combination, and an official long-term holiday is three of the following.

New Year Holiday : 7 days - 10 days
Golden Week : 7 days - 10 days
Bon Holiday : 5 days - 7 days

*The days of holiday above is avarage and it is deffirent by person and company.

And Golden Week this yaer (2010), pelase see the calender above.

National Holiday : April 29, May 3, 4, 5
Usual Holiday : May 1(sat), May 2(sun), May 8(sat), May 9(sun).

A lot of people takes a holiday April 30, so at least, Golden Week's holiday is 7 days from April 29 to May 5, and 11 days for person who take a holiday at May 6 and 7 too.

7 days or 11 days as holiday is very good for us in this season.

It is May 3 today. Japan is just holiday. I introduce a part of the Golden Week of Japan. Please enjoy.

The weather of Japan of this time is comparatively good. And this nice weather is called "Satsuki Bare". Satsuki means May in old Japanese language, and bare means fine day. Sky is blue, good season.

The Japanese whole country is comparatively fine though it is rain sometimes. The temperature is also good, and humidity is low, and the outside is very fresh.

*In temperature information, a red figure is the highest temperature, and blue is the lowest.

A lot of flowers bloom at this season. The flower in the photo is Sakura (cherry blossoms). Sakura in Tohoku and Hokkaido bloom in this Golden Week though sakura in south Japan like Okinawa bloom in february.

The photo above is in Kakunoda in Akita Prefecture, just good season for Sakura now. A lot of tourists visit here for this holiday too.

Kakunodate :

Japanese likes to travel very much. There are not people who doesn't go to the outside in this season. Therefore, Japan is a race large movement at this time, a lot of sightseeing spots are crowded.

Tokyo Disneyland is also crowded.

The road is also crowded by car. The distance of congestion is 50km or more in various places, this is an event of customary Japan every year. The foreigner who comes to Japan at this time get sick and tired.

*Advice for foreigner in this time
There are a lot of Japanese who lives in the area in Tokyo in Japan. The road where people goes from Tokyo to the outside is crowded on May 3, 4. And the road is crowded with people who return to Tokyo on May 4 and 5. So you should move opposite to the people in Tokyo, and you can travel comfortably at this time when the weather is good.

Of course, the railway such as Shinkansen is also crowded.

Moreover, there are a lot of Japanese who travel to the foreign country, too. The foreigner might be surprised in the airport. What happend?

However, this Golden Week is very wonderful for the Japanese. It is valuable time in usual busy person. Moreover, the how to make things enjoyable and exciting is each person. I like to spend it peacefully in the Onsen (hot spring), if I can do, I want to go to the distant Onsen and I don't know. In Japan, there is an Onsen like the number of stars. And after taking a Onsen, I eat very delicious dish in my room in Onsen hotel. Japanese feels great happy at that time.

With beautiful scenery. This is Chikuma in Nagano Prefecture. You might understand the goodness of the weather of Japan in May from this photo. Really good season. Japan enters the rainy season in June. Therefore, the Japanese enjoys this May. Golden Week is good for this season.

Old times and Japan's holiday were few. The word of "Karou-shi (death from overwork)" was one of the symbolical words of Japan. Therefore, the government has increased holiday. They try to increase holiday further now. However, in Japan, I am feeling that holiday has increased, Saturday, Sunday, and big holiday. It is good. If you have chance to ask for Japanese, ask it "Which do you want money and holiday?" Probably, the Japanese will answer as holiday.

By the way, how about the world? France is a country of a yearning all over the world. Because there are very long holiday in France. The holiday is called a vacation (vacances), and they take the long holiday for one month or more. I wanted to born in France! hahaha

Besides, there is interesting holiday in Japan in August. The holiday is called Bon holiday and almost Japanese takes a holiday for 5 or 7 days. This holiday is a religious-based culture. And, it might be mysterious for the foreigner. I introduce it here in those days. To the enjoyment.

Thank you.

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