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Cup noodle

Do you know this cup noodle? This is a product of the food company that says Nissin in Japan. Perhaps, a lot of people all over the world might know this cup noodle. This is sold all over the world now.

Today, I introduce the situation of the cup noodle of Japan. The history of this cup noodle is deep, and loved as Japanese food, but some Japanese deny this easy food, however, this has already become a foods of a lot of people.

I introduce partly. Please enjoy.

The cup noodle of this Nissin was born in 1971 in Japan. The position of a cup noodle at that time was very low, because the Japanese was always eating traditional Japanese foods at that time.

NISSIN Official Site :

Cost : 100 - 150 yen

However, this easy food made from the hot water was revolutionary.

By the way, do you know why 3 minutes to completion of cook. 3 minutes are the time that becomes delicious on man's psychology. The Japanese is hasty, so a lot of people cannot wait for 4 minutes. Therefore, "Momofuku Ando" who was the founder of Nissin made the cup noodle that was able to be done in 3 minutes.

There is other manufacturer's cup noodle at 1 minute or 5 minutes though a lot of present cup noodles is 3 minutes.

And Nissin's cup noodle has many tastes noodl. It is 10 tastes or more now. The following are the parts.

"Milk Seafood"

"Kimchi & Cheese"

Moreover, Nissin's cup noodle has other size, Mini noodle and Big noodle. The kind is various.

And more,

Refill Glass Cup "ZAKU II" version

Refill Glass Cup "ZAKU II" version

Do you know ZAKU? ZAKU is a robot of the space that appears in the anime of Japan that says GUNDAM. This set is very valuable in limited release. Of course, the taste of this cup noodle ZAKU version is usual. hahaha However, it is extremely popular.

And in the worldn now,


In France

In Germany

In Hong Kong

Of course, I don't know the cup noodle above. Probably, the taste is diffrent.
If you know Nissin's cup noodle in your country, please tell me with photo. I want to know more.

And there are many manufacturers of another of Nissin and loved much in Japan. I introduce partly.

Midori No Tanuki (cup soba)
Cost : 100 - 150 yen

Soba is a traditional noodle of Japan.

Soba :

This Midori NoTanuki was released by Toyo Suisan in 1978. There is a tempura on this Soba, and the Japanese loves this food very much.

Tempura :

Akai Kitsune (cup udon)
Cost : 100 - 150 yen

This noodle is called Udon, and one of traditional noodle. There is a abura-age (fried bean curd) on Udon. This Udon is loved too.

Udon :

Midori No Tanuki and Akai Kitsune was released by Toyo Suisan in 1978. This noodle is still sold as of 2010. These are one of the long seller foods.

Toyo Suisan Official Site :

Yakisoba Bento
Cost : 100 - 150 yen

This noodle doesn't have soup. The noodle of Yakisoba is burnt with the frying-pan. And, Toyo Suisan made this as convenience food. This was released in 1975, and it is popular food now.

Sumire (cup ramen) *High quality noodle
Cost : 250 - 280 yen

This is a high-quality noodle using raw noodle. A lot of convenience foods use a dry noodle. However, this is different. The taste is the same as the restaurant though the price is higher than dry noodle.

Instant noodle
Cost : 50 - 100 yen

This is a convenience food without the cup, and this is made in kitchen in the house. Because a cooker can put favprite ingredients like egg, vegitable, meat, etc, it is more delicious than cup noodle.

Many are sold in the supermarket and the convenience store like Seven-Eleven. And the kind is the same as the number of stars. And, food is different according to the region in Japan. Japan is a very long country in the south north though the country in Japan is small. Therefore, the culture is various. This instant noodle becomes one of the souvenirs for the Japanese. Of course, it is likely to become a wonderful souvenir for the foreigner too. Because the foreigner is surprised at many of the instant noodle of Japan, and, taste too.

And, when you eat the instant noodle with the Onigiri (rice ball), your stomach is completely filled. Sushi and Tempura etc is high cost, but this instant noodle and Onigiri is cheap. Average cost of Onigiri is 100 - 150 yen only, and these are sold anywhere. You buy these and eat in your room in hotel is not bad, because this is one of Japanese culture. Pleaes try once.

How is Japanese instant noodle? A modern Japanese eats these a lot. Certainly, these foods has a bad influence for the gastronomic culture. However, the modern people's lives are not in ancient times. And, modern people in Japan will dislike ancient food, because favorite taste is diffrence to old times. The taste is very delicious though the instant noodle can be easily made very much. We are alive in new gastronomic culture.

Do you know that sushi is one of modern food?
The sushi uses the raw fish, so It is food that doesn't exist in ancient times without the refrigerator. Sushi is modern Japanese food.

Thank you.

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