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Green Tea (Japanese Tea)

I introduce tea in Japan today. Tea in Japan also has the kind, the status, and the history like coffee and tea in the world, etc. And, it is said that Japanese tea is good for health recently, so the Japanese drinks Japanese tea well. The hot tea and the cold tea are delicious for the Japanese. Moreover, tea is good also for foreigner's souvenir. Japanese food seems to be popular in the world, and to become popular also Japanese tea. I introduce Japanese tea in detail in this section. Because Japanese tea has a great choice. Please enjoy it.

First of all, tea in Japan was imported from China and started from ancient times. People in the world knows that the Japanese originally develops a lot of things. Of course, this tea developed originally and became Japanese tea. Therefore, modern Japanese tea is different from Chinese tea. And generally, Japanese tea is made by steamed after the harvest. However, after the harvest, tea is roasted with the boiler in a part of region like Kyushu in south Japan.

All are different in Japan, South Korea, and China in east Asia though face looks like. The difference is a word(language), an idea, food, a culture, and a street, etc. East Asia maybe might be more different than countries of Europe. Especially, Japan walked in an original history, because Japan is enclosed by the sea, and is leaving all countries.

And, Japanese tea has some kinds. I introduce it as in detail as possible. Please refer to the souvenir of Japan Travel.

There are some methods of classification Japanese tea.
Please look at the following.

The image above is the main cultivation method in Japan. The tea with covered a black seat is grown deeper greener. Of course, the taste is different in the cultivation method. The favor of tea is different depending on people.

In the tea field in Japan, it is a big and there is a Japanese atmosphere. Here is good as the sightseeing spot.

The taste is different depending on the time of the harvest.
Ichiban-cha (Shin-cha) is tea harvested first in the year. Of course, the season is spring. And, Niban-cha means tea of the second harvest, Sanban-cha means the third harvest in the year. Shutou-cha is tea harvested in autumn and winter.
Ichiban-cha (Shin-cha) is sweety without bitter though the favorite taste is different depending on the person.
Moreover, it is said that the food of the season is good for health in Japan. Therefore, it is said that Ichiban-cha (Shin-cha) is good for health, and is often drunk this tea in spring and summer.

The harvested tea is processed by the process of some manufacturing. The image above is the initial process. The tea of 1 and 2 is steamed. The tea of 3 and 4 is roasted.
The tea of 1 is called Sen-cha, and is tea made by the most general manufacturing method and it is the most famous tea in the foreigner.
Here, it is difficult to explain the above-mentioned process of manufacture in detail. Please ask the Japanese the kind and the process of manufacture of tea if you are presented tea by the Japanese. The taste of all tea is different, and enjoy the taste of each tea, please. It will become your favorite hobby. The Japanese also is enjoying the difference of the taste of tea.

The final process of the tea leaf manufacturing makes a big difference of the taste. Please test a lot of tastes when you come to Japan.

It is said that Japanese tea will be sterilized. The Japanese wants to drink Japanese tea after the meal, because Japanese tea counteract various tastes in the mouth. Japanese tea is always necessary for the person who becomes accustomed to the taste of Japanese tea.

These tea is a part. Mattcha is very popular in the Japanese. You will meet this taste as tea or sweet in Japan Travel. Please try. And there is a lot of tea in Japan, and look for the tea of your favorite, please.

*Mattcha is powdered green tea.

When you enjoy Japanese tea, tea-things are necessary. There are a lot of expensive tea-things, and are a lot of cheap tea-things. The beginner is enough by cheap tea-things. The way of making tea is not difficult. A few tea leaves are potted, and the hot water is poured. Tea is made within 30 seconds. And, tea is poured into the cup.
The problem is an amount of the tea leaf and the hot water. Please ask the Japanese the taste of your Japanese tea if there is a Japanese so that you are near. Moreover, it is important to try a lot of Japanese tea when coming to Japan. Please make delicious Japanese tea in your home.

And I introduce some how to enjoy Japanese tea.

Japanese tea is well in the photograph with the cake. The Japanese likes cake very much like the Europe and America people. And, Japanese tea has developed with the cake. Tea makes a delicious cake more delicious. And delicious tea is necessary for a delicious cake. This is one of the luxurious enjoyments.

Ice (cold) Japanese tea is also delicious, and the Japanese drinks it well in hot summer. The Japanese drinks ice (cold) Japanese tea than water.
The way of making is easy. The hot tea is made, and it is cooled. Please try.

Moreover, the Japanese makes sake Japanese tea. The sake used at that time is called a shochu. There is two sake of Japan. One is called "Nihon-shu", and one is called "Shochu". The sake suitable for tea is a shochu.
I will introduce the sake of Japan in other articles later.

The cook in Japan uses Japanese tea to cook well. And Japanese tea is suitable for the dessert. Especially, Mattcha is good. Please try to cook dessert with Mattcha once in your kitchen. Your dining room will be changed into a Japanese restaurant.

I propose one. It mixes Mattcha and the salt. And, please use the mixed salt to cook. The Japanese food suitable for this Mattcha salt is tempura very much. Pleaes eat sprinkling the Mattcha salt on Tempura. In a high-level Japanese food restaurant, Tempura is ate with the salt. I like it very much! And, this mixed salt might be suitable for the steak. Please try.

Tempura :

This is a specialty store of Japanese tea. In Japan, there are a lot of specialty stores. Moreover, tea is sold anywhere like a supermarket and convenience store such as Seven-Eleven. Of course, tea is sold by the souvenir shop in the airport.

Japanese tea is sold in the bag, the box or the can. You can buy good tea for 1000 yen though the price is various. Moreover, the Japanese keeps tea with the refrigerator. Tea is vulnerable to humidity, take care.

This is a packing tea. It is easy to make a tea in a cup. And in the room at the hotel in Japan, this tea is. Please drink this tea in your room, and relax.

This is Mattcha (powdered green tea). The Mattcha is made for the cup, and the hot water is poured. And, it is mixed. This is one of how to make traditional tea. Especially, this is done in the tea party. This how to make is not done in a average house, so please go to special Japanese tea restaurant if you want to try it.

Tea is a culture. In countries all over the world, there is a culture of tea. And the tea might be one method of knowing the culture. Because tea has not only the taste, tea ha also manners and tea-things. Moreover, there are a lot of stories of tea. There are a lot of histories, great men, legends, and talks also in Japan. Next, the person with a lot of experiences of Japan must search for tea. Japanese tea is deep.

I hope Japanese tea to become favorite of you.

Thank you.

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