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Prime minister resignation

The photo is a Hatoyama prime minister at 9:00a.m. this morning.

A lot of people's expectation came true yesterday. The Hatoyama prime minister declared the resignation yesterday. And, his in service period was about eight months only. The biggest reason to resign is secession from the coalition government of Shamin-tou (Social Democratic Party).

The Hatoyama political power is coalition government of three parties. The photo above is the party leader of three parties.

Left : Yukio Hatoyama (Minshu-tou)
Center : Shizuka Kamei (Kokumin Shin-tou)
Right : Mizuho Fukushima (Shamin-tou)

Hatoyama solved the problem of Futenma in last month. The problem of Futenma is a base of Marine Corps in the United States that is stationed in Japan.

Futenma problem :

Center : Mizuho Fukushima (Shamin-tou)

However, the Fukushima party leader of Shamin-tou did not follow the Hatoyama prime minister's decision of this problem, and therefore, she was dismissed by Hatoyama, and she has seceded the Hatoyama political power. Her political power secession is a great blow for Minshu-tou, and this is a responsibility of Hatoyama in Minshu-tou.
Moreover, Hatoyama has already lost the voter's support, and there are a big election in Japan next month, therefore, he resigned.

Photo today's Hatoyama

Hatoyama of today is saved from agony, his smile returned finally. A new Prime Minister will be elected tomorrow. Hatoyama enjoys the prime minister at the remainder several times.

Hatoyama is nod bad person, and people says "He worked hard". I do not hate him. However, he is too kind, so he was not able to do a big decision, and therefore, the politics of Japan was confused. Japan is democracy, and the prime minister in Japan resigns at once. However, I praise the decision of yesterday's Hatoyama, because he had the grace to resign his position. I pray for his activity in the future.

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