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Emperor's Family

The photograph above is an emperor and an empress in Japan as of 2010. Emperor's name is Akihito and 76 years old now, and Empress's name is Michiko and 75 years old now. They are very friends, and loved very much by Japanese citizen. Moreover, they are popular from the foreign country.

It is said that imperial household in Japan continues at 125 generations. Such imperial household is only Japan in the world. I introduce emperor's family in Japan today.

First of all, I explain emperor's position.

The status of the emperor is stated in the Japanese Constitution as "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people". He carries out affairs of the state such as appointing the prime minister designated by the Diet and the convocation of the Diet as approved and advised by the Cabinet. His status is similar to that of the Queen of England. According to Japan's oldest history book, written in the 8th century, the first emperor, Jimmu, was a descendant of Amaterasu, the Goddess of the sun, and is said to have ascended to the Imperial Throne in 660 BC.

Genealogy of the Imperial Family

The present emperor Akihito was born in 1933 and married Michiko Shoda in 1959. Their marriage was very much applauded by the Japanese people because she was the first commoner's daughter in modern history to join the imperial family. He became emperor in January, 1989 when his farther Emperor Showa (Hirohito) died. They have two sons and a daughter. Their oldest son, Crown Prince Naruhito was born 1960 and married Masako Owada in 1993. Masako was diplomat who graduated from Harvard University. Their marriage was broadcast all over the world, and many people were surprised that Masako would give up her career as a diplomat to enter such a totally different environment. They have a daughter, Princess Aiko, who was born in 2001. Their second son, Prince Fumihito was born in 1965, married Kiko Kawashima in 1990, and they have two daughters and a son, Prince Hisahito born in 2006, the only male grandson of the emperor. The emperor's daughter, Sayako, was born in 1969. She had to give up her status as a member of the imperial family when she married in 2005. They don't have suffrage or eligibility to run for public office and are not included in the census register. The Imperial Palace is guarded by 300 imperial policemen. There are also about 1,050 Imperial Household Agents working for them in the palace.

They are Emperor Showa (Hirohito) and Empress Kojun (Nagako), and Hirohito died in 1989, and Nagako died in 2000. Hirohito lived in the age of World War II. He takes the responsibility of the war at that time, but Japanese citizen forgave him, and loved him.

A lot of natural damages such as earthquakes and floods are in Japan, and, a lot of victims are born at that time. Emperor often visits the stricken district, and encourages the victim. Emperor is not a god and he is one human. However, because he is mysterious, courage is given to people by him.

A lot of Japanese citizens visit, and bless the emperor on the New Year's Day and their birthdays etc. Emperor's family is very loved.

Akihito is an emperor at the 125th generation. He gives courage to a lot of people though he is an elderly person now. If he is seen, the Japanese becomes calm and relax, and it is mysterious. Moreover, Michiko keeps supporting Akihito all time. Her services are very large, she is widely recognized very much.

Recentry, there is few people who denys emperor's family in Japan. Of course, because Japan is democracy, all the opinions and thought are permitted. Because I don't know the religion and the history in detailed, so I don't know the meaning of the academic emperor, but, at least, the emperor gives people love and courage, is loved by the Japanese and the foreigner too. I think that the emperor's existence improves the impression of Japan, therefore, they are great for the Japanese. I wish their happiness and long life.

Thank you.

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