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Cigarette without smoke

I introduce one of the new goods of Japan. It is a cigarette. Possibly you hate cigarettes, so if you are so, forgive me, and please read this article as one of information only.

The name of this introduced cigarette is "Zero Style". The feature of this cigarette is without smoke. There are some cigarettes without smoke in Japan already. However, the many are not perfect. Zero Style is a true cigarette without smoke. Therefore, a lot of Japanese were surprised at May this year. Yes, this cigarette was put on sale on May 18 this year.

*However, it is a sale of the Tokyo limitation now.

Left : Main body and 2 cartridges, 300 yen.
Right : 4 cartridges only, 400yen

In the cigarette, there is a white cartridge. Only the cartridge is sold too. One cartridge can be used for one day. Moreover, the taste of this cigarette is menthol.

I bought this cigarette in Tokyo for the souvenir in June though this cigarette was sold only in Tokyo now. To my regret, I was not smoking this cigarette yet. My friend who got this from me says that this cigarette is not so bad.

Moreover, partly airline and the railway company in Japan admit to use this cigarette inside the cabin.

This might be good as one of the souvenirs of Japan though this cigarette is put on the sale only in Tokyo now.

This is my favorite normal cigarette which is made in Japan. The name is "Peace". It's good name, isn't it? The price of this is 300yen (about 3 dollars). The tax of the cigarette of Japan is cheap. I hear that the price of the cigarette in Australia and Britain etc is high. How much is the cigarette in your country?

The cigarette is not good for health. I will try to stop smoking soon this year. Is it possible? hahaha

Thank you.

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Cika 2010/12/01 (Wed) 01:41 Edit/Delete

Hello Hiroki-san!
I'm currently visiting your site, it's pretty interesting. I've found it thanks to REFJ.
My name is Cika and I am a 20 year old french girl so sorry if my english is bad.

Here, Cigarette cost about 5€50 (which make about 7$ / 600¥). That's the price for a normal packet of 20.

Thank you for your site and maybe I'll come back to speak with you when my japanese and my english will be better.

Good luck to stop smoking!


Hiroki 2010/12/04 (Sat) 23:50 Edit/Delete

Bonjour Cika! Vous allez bien?

Thank you for your comment. Cigarette cost in France is high very much. And I think that Prices of France are basically high.

I have been to France once. A sandwich that I had bought was very delicious in Paris. And, the price of the sandwich was about 10€. It's very expensive! lol

The food of France is famous because it is high. Of course, French food is very delicious.

I am waiting for your coming again.

A bientot