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Kakunodate, here is a town that remains the tradition of Japan. Some traditional towns are in Japan, and Kakunodate is one famous town. A feature here is a lot of the samurai houses. The houses was built in samurai's age, and the visitor can go in samurai's old age.
Moreover this town is surrounded by the nature. This town is changed at each season, and has a beautiful scenery every season.

About two million tourists visit here every year. And, many of tourists are Japanese. This town is traditional Japan that the Japanese loves.

If you experienced Kyoto already, next, you shuld visit this town.

I introduce a part of Kakunodate. Please enjoy!

Kakunodate Official Site

Kakunodate is in Akita Prefecture. As for Akita Prefecture, agriculture and forestry are active very much. And food here is very delicious. Moreover, it's very famous as the woman in Akita is very beautiful.

The access to Kakunodate is introduced at the end on this page.

Kakunodate is a town in samurai's house. These houses were built about 200 years ago. The visitor learns the samurai's life.

Old Samurai House
These houses have not been restored. It is original. The visitor can feel real old times. And the garden is one of the enjoyments of the visitor. The Japanese garden is attractive.

Enter Samurai House
Of course, the tourist can enter Samurai House. The admission fee is hundreds of yen.

Samurai House
The visitor can see an old item though there is no samurai.

Samurai's item
The armor and the helmet show the culture. The visitor can see it in near.

I introduce a hotel in Kakunodate. It is "Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel. The building of this hotel mimics Samurai House. However, this hotel is very popular, so a prior reservation is necessary for the visitor.

Hotel Official Site (Japanese only)

The interior is designed folk art of this region.

Room (Japanese room)
If you want to stay at Japanese room, you can choose. The Japanese room is an amazing experience for the foreigner.

Room (Bed)
The visitor can settle down and past because it is so quiet here.

This is one of menu in this hotel. There are many menu. The visitor can choose from Japanese food to the Western Europe dish. Please enjoy!

This is Japanese style breakfast. Of course, this hotel has Western Europe style breakfast too.

The four seasons clearly divides in Japan. And also Kakunodate has wonderful scenery in four seasons. The visitor is fascinated at all seasons.
And four photo was taken in same street. There are four colors there in a year.

The flower is Sakura.

Kakunodate is dyed to deep green in summer.

Autumn (Fall)
It's beautiful, and food is also delicious at this season.

It is beautiful in winter too. Please pay attention to the height of the tree.

Kakunodate has a lot of attractive things. I introduce the part.

Old Taxi
This is called Jinrikisha in Japanese, and old taxi in Japan. In Kakunodate, this is a lot. The staff does the sightseeing guide.

Sakura(cherry blossomos) at Hinokinai River
Japanese love Sakura best of all flowers. Sakura trees bloom light pink in the sping. Their priod of full bloom is very short and they are most admired when the petals begin to fall.
There are many famous Sakura viewing spots around Japan. And this Kakunodate is one of famous spot of Sakura.
This Sakura at Hinokinai River in Kakunodate is one most popular. Because this scenery with the river is so beautiful. And at night this Sakura is lighted up, and beautiful very much.

Tazawa Lake
Around Kakunodate, there is nature a lot. Please go around many place when you come here.

Inaniwa Udon
This is one of Japanese noodle. And there are some famous noodle in Japan. This Inaniwa Udon is famous one and this is a local dish in this region. Please try once.

Inaniwa Udon Restaurant
There are many Udon restaurant in Kakunodate. The visitor can loon for the restaurant easily.

And many festival is held in kakunodate all year.

Japanese likes festival very much. And it is good plan that the festival is considered for travel.

I introduce festival schedule in this town Kakunodate. However, please ask it to this town about detailed.

February 13 - 14 : kakunodate No Hiburi Kamakura
Middle April - Biginning May : Sakura Festival
July 1 - : Hinokinai River Ayu Tsuri
August 15 : Kakunodate Sasara Mai
September 7 - 9 : Kakunodate Festival

I introduce the access from Tokyo. There are two routes. Railway, Airplane. Please see following.

(Rute 1)
Tokyo - Morioka : Railway (Shinkansen) / 3 hours
Morioka - Kakunodate : Railway (Shinkanse) / 1 hour

(Route 2)
Tokyo - Akita : Airplane / 1 hour
Akita - Kakunodate : Railway (Shinkansen) / 1 hour

*The time of going to airport and transfer is necessary.

How is Kakunodate? Kakunodate is surrounded by the nature, and there are not big modern builldings like Kyoto. So this place is very popular for Japanese, and loved by Japanese, so Kakunodate is good for foreigner too.
Please come to here once, and enjoy!

Thank you.

Kakunodate Official Site

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