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Japanese Breakfast

What is a typical Japanese breakfast?

The traditional Japanese breakfast is rice, one or two easily prepared dishes, miso soup and pickles. Today, however, many working people have simpler, Western style breakfasts such as toast and coffee.

Traditional style
This is breakfast in a common home. The main dish is a broiled fish, rice, miso soup. After eating the Japanese style breakfast, a lot of modern people drink coffee and milk, etc. A yellow drink is an orange juice, and red is tomato juice.

Western style
The Japanese loves this Western style too. In the breakfast of a Japanese Western style, there is an egg dish, a ham or a sausage, vegetable salad, etc.

There are a lot of people who change the Japanese style and the Western style with the day, too.

About me
I do not eat breakfast every day, because it is always busy in my morning. hahaha However, I eat sometimes when I have time at morning. My breakfast has some styles. I introduce about my breakfast.

I go out to the outside in the morning every day. Therefore, I buy breakfast. In the photograph above, the convenience store and most convenience stores are open 24 hours a day. A famous convenience store is Lawson, Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, SUNKUS, MINISTOP, and Seicomart, etc. in Japan. The person who has come to Japan knows that there are quite a good many these convenience stores in city.

A lot of kinds of goods are exhibited in the store. Goods in daily life, food, drink, cigarette, stamp, ATM of the bank, machine of buying tickets, and pillar-box(mail box), etc. Such a store is very convenient. I go shopping several times in a day in the convenience store. Moreover, the nearest convenience store from my house is 3 minutes on foot.

Onigiri (rice ball)
The average price is 100 - 150 yen.

The average price is 180 - 250 yen.

I buy two onigiris as breakfast, or, I buy one sandwich. This amount is enough as my breakfast.

And I sometimes go to the restaurant for breakfast. The photograph above is a restaurant called "Fami-res" (Family Restaurant). Some Fami-res are open 24 hours a day. A famous Fami-res chain is Royal Host, Gast, and Denny's, etc. Denny's is a restaurant chain that came from the United States to Japan. However, the Japanese is managing Denny's in Japan, and, the Japanese is making the menu. The American is surprised at Denny's in Japan. "How delicious it is!" hahaha

It is one of the breakfasts in the Fami-res. There is a Japanese style in Fami-res, too.
The average price is 500 - 800 yen.

How about breakfast in Japan? As for the travel of Japan, a person not good at Japanese food doesn't have the problem about food because there is a the Western style food in Japan, too.
And I think that you learnt the breakfast of Japan by this article. If you have some impressions, opinions, please tell me.

Thank you.

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