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Geisha is things Japanese also in the world. However, do you know geisha accurately? Geisha is misunderstood in the world often. I introduce some geishas in this article. I hope this article becomes one of the knowledge of you.

Geisha literally means Artist but the Japanese use it to refer to women who have mastered the traditional art of entertainment which includes Japanese dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and performing the tea ceremony. Until the end of the Second World War, when many Japanese struggled with poverty, girls were often sold by their parents and taken to okiya where they were trained to become geishas.

There is a good movie concerning the geisha. The title is SAYURI. A best-selling book called Memoirs of a Geisha, written by American Arthur Golden, has generated a renewed interest in geishas. This movie describes one side of geisha's sad destining in the old time.

*Book Title : Memoirs of a Geisha
Wikipedeia (English)

Today, women become geishas of their own will. Well-trained geishas are respected as women who've inherited the traditional art of entertainment. Although the number of real geishas is decreasing, there are still quite a few in Kyoto called Geiko, and Maiko, apprentice geikos.

There are some girls who yearn to the geisha in Japan. However, a social position of a modern geisha is very high, and a lot of studies are necessary for becoming the geisha, so it is not easy to become a geisha. It is evidence that geisha's position rises.

Today, the region where the geisha can be seen is Kyoto, Osaka, Niigata, and Matsuyama, etc. Moreover, geishas serves as a paid female escort (entertainer) in the party and drinking session. I think that a part of geisha's element is changed the form and exists today though decreases the number of geishas. Please see the following.

My friend from Russia Andrew and Japanese pub girls at pub when my friend Andrew came in Sapporo where I live at May 8th and 9th 2010.

Me and my Japanese frined and pub girl.

A lot of Japanese men go to pub for enjoying with the pub girl, and the married person and the single too. Such girls are in the pub in Japan. I think that this pub girls are one of the new styles of the geisha. Of course, they have not learned traditional cultural entertainments in Japan, but they can amuse and please her customer. The geisha is also the same. Japanese pub is things Japanese in the world, and I think that the Japanese pub is a derivation which is a kind of the geisha culture.

Did you get to know the geisha? You should go to Kyoto if you want to see the geisha who is walking the street, and the geisha will pleasantly permit the photograph in your camera. If you are rich, please call some geishas in your party in the hotel or Japanese traditional restaurant. The cost might be several hundred thousand yen.

The geisha is one of the typical cultures of Japan today. Please enjoy the culture of different Japan in your country.

Thank you.

Besides, the geisha has some words today. For instance,

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