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Autumn in Sapporo

Photograph of opening to the public in city office "Sapporo of November at Nakajima Park"

Sapporo Tourist Infomation (English)
Sapporo Tourist Infomation (Japanese)

Hello! Everybody! How are you? I know that you are fine always! Thank you for your coming to this blog always. This article introduces one of recent Sapporo where I live. Sapporo is the maximum city in the island called Hokkaido in the north of Japan.

The population of Sapporo is about 1.9 million people, and the 4th in the major city in Japan. The history of Sapporo started in 1857, and Sapporo is a form of a new city. The foreigner who comes to Sapporo often says. "Sapporo is a town like Europe and America". It is one of the most popular cities for the Japanese though a traditional building of Japan is few in Sapporo. Moreover, Sapporo is easy to live for the foreigner, so a lot of foreigners live in Sapporo recentry, and famous place one is Niseko for about 2 hours by car from Sapporo. Many Australians live here with own house. The snow in Niseko is good, so ski is good very much. It seems that Australians like ski. But the winter in Hokkaido is severe very much, therefore the foreigner from the tropics is little.

10:00AM, November 13th, 2010
By the way, I went shopping in the central of Sapporo yesterday. I passed front of Former Hokkaido Government Office Building that is one of the symbolical old buildings of Sapporo, and with a beautiful autumn leaves. I took out the camera of my bag at once.

Yesterday's weather was fine, and the highest temperature was 11 degrees. Hot summer of this year is completely cool autumn. But the autumn in Sapporo is short. Winter comes soon. I took several pictures. I introduce one of autumn in Sapporo with a picture.

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Akarenga, or redbrick) (National Important Cultural Asset)
The Former Hokkaido Government Building, nicknamed Akarenga or "redbrick", was constructed in 1888 in the Neo-Baroque style. It is an exemplar of Meiji architecture. The leafy forecourt is now an oasis for visitors.
A stone marker on the north side of the building shows a floor plan of the Hokkaido Development Commission headquarters, which were in this building. The Hokkaido Archives inside are open to the public.

Address: North 3-jo West 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Hours: 8:45AM - 5PM
Closed: Dec. 29 - Jan. 3
Admission: Free
Access: A 10-min. walk from JR Sapporo Sta. or Sapporo Subway Sta. (Namboku and Toho lines)
A 10-min. walk from Odori Subway Sta. (Tozai, Namboku and Toho lines)
Parking: None
Contact: 011-204-5019 (Hokkaido Government)

This building is at the center of Sapporo, and has a big garden though it is not Japanese style, and people can stroll freely. It is a place of the rest of the center of city.

The autumn leaves are beautiful. I think that people all over the world like autumn leaves, and the Japanese also likes autumn leaves very much.

Birds are also comfortable. But I don't know this bird's name. hahaha Do you know? Please tell me it if you know.

What is good in autumn in your country? It is said in Japan like this, Autumn eating, Autumn reading, and Autumn of sports. I like Autumn eating very much!

The crop this year is an average year at a various part of Japan. Good food would reach a dining table soon.

Photograph of opening to the public in city office "Sapporo of November at Hokkaido University"

Sapporo Tourist Infomation (English)
Sapporo Tourist Infomation (Japanese)

This weekend was blessed with the weather in Sapporo though the weather in autumn tends to change. Snow lies on the street from the second half of December in Sapporo. Sapporo citizens are enjoying autumn in the brief moment.

The northern hemisphere is cold season soon, and the southern hemisphere is warm season soon. Let's enjoy each season!

Thank you.

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