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Japanese favorite dish Top 5

In Japan, there are quite a lot of dishes, because the Japanese imported the dish of the foreign country from old, and originally arranged it. Of course, there is a lot of originator Japanese food, too. Therefore, there are quite a lot of kinds of the dish.

An interesting topic was telecasted by the television program of the television company called TBS in this October. It is Japanese favorite dish Top 5. I was interested in it. So I introduce it.

Japanese favorite dish No.1


Ramen were introduced from China in an ancient age. After that ramen were improved by Japanese. Japanese likes ramen very much. And it's said that there is about 36,000 or more of ramen restaurant in Japan, and there are several kinds for the taste of ramen.

Tokotsu Ramen
There are a lot of kinds of the ramen. Please find your favorite taste. There is a ramen restaurant anywhere.
Average price of ramen : 700 - 900 yen

Japanese favorite dish No.2

Soba, Udon

Soba is a noodle of Japan. Soba was eaten from the age of the samurai. Japanese likes this very much. Soba is made from the truth of the flower called Soba. The truth of the flower is floured and it is made. The soba in the photograph above is in hot soup.

People eat this soba with sauce in the side, and this style is eaten in summer well.
Average price of soba : 500 - 1000 yen

Udon is one of the noodles of Japan. This is made of flour. It was eaten from the age of old Japan. It is a Japanese fast food because it can easily cook Udon.
Average price of udon : 500 - 700 yen

Japanese favorite dish No.3

Curry Rice

Curry Rice
Curry rice had entered from India in old times, and this dish had developed into national food for Japanese. Most people likes curry rice, especially, children loves. I love too. Curry rice is made once a week at most home in Japan.
Average price of curry rice : 700 - 1000 yen

Japanese favorite dish No.4


Sushi is famous also in the world. I have to explain nothing. However, please try sushi of the home in Japan. It is often said that the sushi of the foreign country is different from the sushi of Japan. Please try once.
Average price of sushi : 1000 - 2500 yen

Temaki Sushi
It is made with a favorite ingredients on the table. This kind of sushi is suitable for the home party. It's easy to make!

Japanese favorite dish No.5


Spaghetti is a dish of Italy. Japanese likes spaghetti very much, and enjoys the taste of Italy. Japanese likes most Italian food.
Average price of spaghetti : 700 - 1000 yen

No.1 : Ramen
No.2 : Soba, Udon
No.3 : Curry Rice
No.4 : Sushi
No.5 : Spaghetti

This ranking depend about the program telecasted in the television company that says TBS. These dishes are loved by the Japanese though the standard of statistics is uncertain.

Moreover, there is dish more in Japan, and Japanese is one of the famous gourmet in the world. One of the enjoyments of the travel is food. Please enjoy when you come to Japan!

Thank you.

*The price is a restaurant in downtown, and my subjectivity. Restaurant in a hotel and an airport etc is higher.

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