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Politician's Blunder

Left : Prime Minister Naoto Kan at November 9th 2010

Shortness of the Japanese political power is famous for the world. The present Prime Minister is Naoto Kan, and he was inaugurated on June 8th 2010. The Prime Minister's longest term of office is 8 years by Japanese law, but Kan Prime Minister will resign in 1 year, because his political power did a lot of failures for this half a year, the cooperator to him is few, and his members of the Cabinet repeat a blunder. Already, he lost support from the voters. And the government party is Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), of course, DPJ also lost support though DPJ got the political power last August. The first prime minister is Hatoyama from DPJ, and, he resigned in about nine months.

Recent blunder of the member of the Cabinet

Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku

Sengoku made remarks like the bomb in the House of Representatives Budget Committee on November 18, 2010. He said "Japan Self Defense Forces are the violence equipment.". After that he apologized to the people for his remark.
*His bomb remark isn't only this.

Minister of Justice Yanagida

The Japanese Minister of Justice gives an order of the death penalty, therefore the character of the Minister of Justice has to be great. But Yanagida spoke stupid on November 14th 2010. He said "The Minister of Justice is easy. Because I only memorize two words in the Diet. I do not answer individual case. I act on the basis of law and evidence.". His remark is Japanese. The Japanese who heard this remark couldn't trust him any more. He is a bad Minister of Justice, and the Diet doesn't permit him, so he will resign soon.

Committee of Ministers at November 15th 2010

There are a lot of blunders of political power. And DPJ do not fulfill any of their campaign pledges. The people are already disappointed at DPJ.

However, Japan is not overthrown though Japan is in hard times. Why? Because it is not a politician that manipulates Japan. It is a bureaucrat. The politician is criticized today though the bureaucrat was criticized. The politics of Japan is a show now. The political news is interesting very much. Moreover, the television program that criticizes politics is very interesting.

The title of this program is Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle. Do you know Beat Takeshi? This is Takeshi Kitano's stage name in Japan. This program is a long-running TV program that started in 1989, and this is a discussion about politics with Takeshi who is the chairperson in this program. Every time, several politicians are invited, and they are criticized by a lot of people in this program. It is too interesting and funny. Former Prime Minister Abe also participates sometimes.
This program is telecasted only in Japan, and at 9:00PM of Monday every week. Pleaes watch once when you come to Japan.

Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle Official Site (Japanese)

The politics of Japan is confused, and this is a sickness of politics, and this sickness will not recover for a while. I do not expect anything of politics. Only, I hope for making of the expressway free of charge.

I am looking forward to next Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle! hahaha

Thank you.

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