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Business trip to Kushiro

I sometimes make a business trip. Because I like travel, so I like business trip very much. I end work early in stay, and I enjoy very much after work! My enjoyment by the business trip is meal and alcohol with Japanese pub girl. hahaha

I visited Kushiro for the business trip on December 1 and 2. This my business trip was short travel on the 2nd day and 1 night. However, I was able to enjoy the travel. I introduce a part of the travel. Please refer to your travel.

You have known already that I live in Sapporo now, and the visit to my business trip is Kushiro. Kushiro is in North Japan, and, the climate in this region is cold. The population of Kushiro is about 185,000 people. This city is small-scale, but Kushiro is popular with travelers, because there are great Mother Nature here.

Kussharo lake from Bihoro pass
It's beautiful scenery, there are many beautiful nature in this region in 4 seasons, so many many people comes here all years.
I am introducing nature in this region in another article. Please look.

Wonderful Nature in Doto

There are three accesses from Sapporo to Kushiro, car, railway, and airplane.

Car : about 5 - 6 hours
Railway (Limited express train) : about 4 hours
Airplane : 40 min

The car at this time is dangerous, because the road has frozen in a lot of passes. And, the fare of the airplane is high. So I chose the railway.

Actually, it's first time that I go to Kushiro by railway. I have been to Kushiro several times, every time, I went to Kushiro by car at that time. So travel to Kushiro in the railway was the enjoyment for me.
The photograph above is when arriving at Kushiro. This train ran for about 4 hours, but this train wasn't late for 1 minute. Japanese railway is accurate in time.

The railway in Japan also has the grade of the seat. I reserved the highest seat. Because I had to work in the train.

(One way trip ticket from Sapporo to Kushiro)
*Limited express train
First-class : 12,610 yen
Second-class : 9,120 yen
Unreserved seat : 8,610 yen

I thought this fare was high though I got on the railway in this route for the first time. But, it can't be helped.

(The train timetable which I got)
*Limited express train
Dec 1, Super Ozora No.5 : Sapporo 11:51AM to Kushiro 15:44PM
Dec 2, Super Ozora No.8 : Kushiro 11:29 to Sapporo 15:15PM

* The fare and the timetable are different according to the season.

JR Hokkaido (Hokkaido Railway Company) Official Site
English Chinese 1 Chinese 2 Korean Japanese

Of course, Japanese eats Ekiben (a box lunch in train) in long-distance train. This is one of the pleasure of the traveler. I bought Ekiben at the station. However, I did not buy the loved beer, because I had work to use my note pc in the train.....

I am introducing Ekiben on the following page. Please look.


I arrived at Kushiro Station at 3:44PM. And I went to the reserved hotel by using the Internet in train. The hotel where I stay is 15 minutes on foot from Kushiro station. There are several hotels around Kushiro station, but I chose a favorite hotel group. It's ANA Hotel. Yes, ANA (All Nippon Airways) is one famous and big Airline. I like airplane very much, so I use airplane group hotel always. Hotels of my favorite airline company are ANA and JAL. Of course, mileage point is saved by a stay.

There is ANA hotel in a various part of Japan. ANA hotel above photo is in Kushiro. The hotel charges of the ANA hotel in a big city are high, but in a local ANA hotel are not expensive. Moreover, because facilities and service of the ANA hotel are first classes, the hotel stay is comfortable very much as city hotel.

This is the lobby at the ANA hotel in Kushiro. This is not bad.

The hotel has a lot of restaurants and bars. The restaurant in the photo above is the Italian restaurant that I used at breakfast on Dec 2. Breakfast is a buffet-style (smorgasbord). As for the dish that can be chosen, there are a lot of European foods and Japanese foods, etc. Breakfast is important to my hotel choice.

The hotel in Japan has the room for one person called single room. The use of a single room is good for the saving of the travel expense. The television, nightclothes (Yukata), and the drier, etc. have been equipped with to the room. Of course, the toilet is Washlet.


I was able to stay at a low price at this hotel. My hotel charges were 5,400 yen only, of course, the charge is also included in breakfast. This is good price very much as hotel in Japan.

ANA Hotel Kushiro Official Site
English Japanese

It is a photograph taken from room in this hotel on Dec 2. Kushiro has the port. A lot of fishing boats sail to fishing from early morning every day. There are a station and downtown on the opposite side of the photograph.

My room was the 16th floor, so I could enjoy scenery of the port and sea.

Kushiro port at evening

My work in Kushiro was to have exchanged a contract with my customer. I arrived at the ANA hotel at 4:15PM, Dec 1. And my customer came to my room in this hotel at 4:30PM, and we exchanged the contract. This contract finished for 2 hours, work in Kushiro was completed at the same time. And My enjoyment started! You know already that I enjoyed many with two pub girls until midnight. hahaha

How about my business trip? I spent two dyas for two hours. However, this contract was for large task. I was full of good spirits in the return train. I want to go to Kushiro again!

Thank you.

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