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Wonderful Nature in Doto

I introduce Nature in Doto as a popular tourist spot with beautiful photo. In Doto, a lot of nature exists now, and there are not a lot of population because very severe in winter in this region. Therefore, beautiful nature survived.

There is a big island called Hokkaido in the north of Japan, and Doto means the east of this island. In Hokkaido, there are a lot of nature, and the ingredient of Hokkaido is very fresh, so travel of Hokkaido is loved by the Japanese. Recently, a lot of the foreigner in Asia also visits Hokkaido. Especially, there are a lot of Chinese and South Korean, and they are amazed at how beautifully nature in Hokkaido. A lot of traditional streets, building, cultures, and modern things are in Japan, and Japan has beautiful nature at the same time. Of course, Japanese food is delicious too.

Doto is very wide. I introduce a part of the Doto in a beautiful photograph.

*Please click the photograph. A big photograph appears.

Kussharo Lake from Bihoro Pass
I have been to this Bihoro Pass once. The scenery of this panorama is a top of Japan.

About Kussharo Lake
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

Kussharo Lake
The water of the lake is very beautiful.

Swans in Kussharo Lake
A lot of swans come to Hokkaido to pass the winter from Russia and China. Swans is loved by Japanese people too.

Akan Lake

About Akan Lake
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

Marimo in Akan Lake

What is Marimo?
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

*Marimo is suitable for the souvenir.

Mashu Lake
The Mashu lake is called the lake of the fog. Fine day is once though I have been to this lake four times. The day of the fog is very mysterious in this lake though the day of fine is beautiful.

About Mashu Lake
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

Kushiro Marsh

About Kushiro Marsh
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

Kushiro Marsh

Lake in Shiretoko
Shiretoko is registered in World Heritage.

About shiretoko
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Japanese)

Waterfall in Shiretoko

Deer in Shiretoko

And food in this region is very delicious!

Dairy and the fishing in Doto are active, and the catch of fish amount in Kushiro is prominent in Japan. And foods in this region is very fresh and delicious. People are enjoying a good meal of Doto every day.

In Kushiro and Nemuro, etc, there are a lot of restaurants. The traveler can also enjoy it.

(Access to Doto)
From Tokyo
In Doto, there are three airports. Kushiro Airport, Tokachi-Obihiro Airport, and Memanbetsu Airport. These three airports are connected with Tokyo International Airport(Haneda). The flying time is one and a half hours or two hours.

From Sapporo
There are three accesses from Sapporo to Kushiro, car, railway, and airplane.
Car : about 5 - 6 hours
Railway (Limited express train) : about 4 hours
Airplane : 40 min

*Recently, I went to make a business trip to Kushiro. I am introducing a part of the business trip in the article. Please refer to your travel.

Business trip to Kushiro

Evening Sun and Drift Ice in Shiretoko

How about the scenery of Doto? A lot of tourists visit here every year. However, Doto is a little public traffic such as railways. Therefore, I recommend the rent-a-car. The car is very convenient. However, you must not forget to obtain the international car license before you leave your country. The international car license is necessary to drive the car for foreigner in Japan.
Japan has a lot of elements. Doto is one of the elements, and is attractive. Please visit Hokkaido once.

Thank you.

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