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Time limit of the New Year's card

This photo is near Sapporo today. This time is about 1:00PM, and the temperature is -2 degrees. Road is frozen very much. Today is a holiday for me. I went shopping in a town, and I bought some inks of my printer in house and some pictures for my web. The printer counter in store was very crowded. Because most Japanese are making the New Year's card at this time. I make 400 New Year's cards or more this year. There are a lot of numbers of card. But, because I make it with the PC, it is not too difficult.

This is New Year's card of formal in post office Japan, and this is my design of last year. I have not made this year's design yet. Maybe, it might be after I return from Tokyo business trip next week.
The New Year's card is 50 yen a card, and it is sold in post office. I think that the number of the New Year's card in one Japanese person is 100 cards on the average every year. These cards were written by hand in the age when PC and word processor were not widespread. Therefore, people were unpleasant in the New Year's card making. A man of today inherits the old people's DNA, so a man of today doesn't like New Year's card making, either, though we can use the PC.

In a New Year's card, reaching on the New Year's Day is the best for Japanese. A New Year's card has to be dropped into a mailbox by December 24th for it. A New Year's card that will be posted by the 24th is delivered without fail on the New Year's Day.

Anyway a time limit of a New Year's card is imminent for me.....

After my New Year's card of this year was made, I will introduce it.

Thank you.

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