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New Year's Card 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

It has already started this year. How is your new year? I think that all success would be brought to you this year. Please make it to a good year.

Well, there is special meaning at New Year's in Japan which is a country of the Shinto and the Buddhism. Various ceremonies are held in the home and the society at the New Year. One is the sending of the New Year's card.

The New Year's card of Japan is delivered by the post office on the New Year's Day. Post office announced that the number of the New Year's card in 2011 was 2 billion 88 million (2,088,000,000). The post office delivered this a large amount of New Year's card on the New Year's Day. Their work was wonderful! The New Year's card delivered on the New Year's Day is card posted by December 25. The delivery of the New Year's card posted after December 26 is slow.
And the New Year's card is 50 yen a card, and the form of the New Year's card is a fixed. People do various designs on the back side of the card, and this looks like the Christmas card. But the number of the New Year's card Japanese sends out is very large. The average number of the New Year's card one person sends out is 100. People send it out to friend, parents cough, and customer's companies etc. I send it out also to the teacher at the elementary school and the junior high school every year. It is possible to exchange with an old person whom cannot be met.

By the way, making my New Year's card was completed yesterday. And, I posted my card to the post office yesterday evening. Arrival of my New Year's card will be 2 or 3 days later. It's lately! hahaha
The number of my New Year's card in 2011 was 400. It's so many! But the address and the design are made with a PC, so it's not difficult. But a check of the address is serious effort. I spent 2 days on making of a New Year's card.

I introduce the design of my New Year's card of this year.


Big Image

This is a style of a general postcard of Japan. And, there is a character of 年賀 means New year's greetings. Yes, this postcard is for the New Year's card. Moreover, there is a figure under the card, 1234組 567890. This is the lot. The lot is done on January 23, 2011. The prize is gorgeous and many though it's not money. This is one of the enjoyments of people at the New Year.
The number on top the card is the zip code (postal number), right is address, center is addressee. sender's name is written under the left or back.
And, in Japan letters were traditionally written vertically, but recentry the number of people writing them horizontally has increased.
And in this time of my card, sender's name and address was written on back of card.


Big Image

This design was also used two years ago. hahaha Because I was very busy, so I couldn't make the new design. It is not a problem. The important one is to send it out. This is one amusing Japanese.

By the way, the atmosphere at the New Year is necessary for the card though the design is free. Suitable character at the New Year 初春 and crane are drawn in my design.

The (Japanese) crane is a migratory bird that flies from Siberia in Russia in the autumn and flies back in the spring. In Japan the crane along with the tortoise is considered an auspicious animal that symbolizes longevity and happiness. It's often depicted in pictures related to celebratory occasions.

And the introduction of my homepage and office is written here. And it's best to write one word by handwriting.

It is difficult to meet with an old friend and a far friend. The New Year's card is effective at such time. Even if people can't meet for a long time, they can feel a mutual breath.

I introduced one of Japanese traditional culture. The history of the custom of this New Year's card isn't clear. At least, this custom are done from ancient times. The foreigner who comes to Japan often says, "New and old are coexistent in Japan". It's also the culture, not only the building. If you come to Japan, please enjoy the new and the old!

Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the year!
Happy New Year 2011!

Thank you.

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