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Osechi Ryori

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Osechi Ryori are specially prepared New Year's dishes to be eaten during the first three days of January. Most dishes are cooked in order to be preserved for at least three days so women don't have to cook during that period. Various kinds of beautifully prepared dishes are set in four-tiered lacquer boxes. Although there are some regional differences in the contents of Osechi, most of them are common to all parts of Japan. Each of the dishes has some auspicious meaning which reflects people's wishes. For example, kazunoko, herring roe, represents fertility, kuromame, cooked black beans, are for health (mame means healthy in old Japanese), and lobsters are for longevity because their bodies are bent like an old person's.

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Recently, the home where Osechi Ryori is made has decreased. On the other hand, the number of person who buy Osechi Ryori has increased. The average price of Osechi Ryori is between 10000 and 50000 yen.

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Osechi Ryori is kept like the photo.
The Doraemon which is popular animation in Japan is drawn in the box of this Osechi Ryori. The person who buys this might have a small children.

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