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National Anthem "Kimigayo"

In 1999 Kimigayo, the song customarily sang as the Japanese anthem, was formaly designated as the national anthem. The words of Kimigayo were derived from a waka poem in the Kokin-Wakashu and Wakanroeishu and the melody was composed by imperial court musician Hayashi Hiromori, and aranged by a German music teacher in the Meiji era.The words of Kimigayo, which express people's wishes about a long-lasting imperial system, are written in ancient Japanese so that many children don't know the meaning of the song even though they often sing it during some school ceremonies. Today some people think that Japan should have a new national anthem because the status of the emperor after the war.

Melody of Kimigayo

Song of Kimigayo by Ayaka Hirahara

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The national anthem of Japan is discussed among Japanese. The reason is that lyrics at this national anthem of Japan are not suitable for Japan, because even the discussion whether the emperor has the Japanese nationality. And Kimigayo was established as a national anthem by the Diet in 1999. 1999 is 12 years before. It is recent. In 1999, I was 28 years old. The national anthem did not exist in my school age. Of course, I have not learnt the national anthem. This might be mysterious for you of the foreigner. This is true.

Countries in the world have a national anthem. The atmosphere of the melody of Kimigayo is peculiar. So, a lot of Japanese might like Kimigayo. But, please ask the Japanese the meaning of Kimigayo. A lot of Japanese will not know the meaning. It's wonder! Japan is full of wonders! hahaha

Thank you.

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