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People decorate the entrances of their homes with Shimekazari during the New Year's season to ward off evil spirits. They are made of Shimenawa, sacred Shinto rope of rice straw, used to indicate the sacred areas where gods descend. Shimekazari is a special Shimenawa decorated with various auspicipus object such as bitter oranges, ferns and lobsters. When the New Year's period is over, Shimekazari and other New Year's decorations are taken to shrines and burned.

Various designs of Shimekazari

Shimekazari is sold in December, and the size and the price of Shimekazari are various very much. Shimekazari might be sold in the souvenir shop for foreigner all year around because Shimekazari is a traditional thing of Japan. Please check it when you come to Japan.

Thank you.

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