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Present from Tiger Mask!

*Photo : The Mainichi Daily News

Message in the letter
Only with this, I'm sorry. I'd like to be even a little useful to you. I'm not Santa Claus. But I wish that you can have time vigorously brightly. 伊達直人(Naoto Date)

Naoto Date presents it to children of nursing home. He put some school rucksacks and a letter in front of the children's nursing home. Who is Naoto Date? He doesn't exist!!

This one social phenomenon occurs in Japan now. This first phenomenon occurred in Maebashi-shi, Gunma on December 25th of last year. And this present from him is found by 299 points at all parts of Japan as of 2 p.m. January 12th. And this phenomenon is expanding in Japan now.

By the way, who is Naoto Date? Well, he's a main character of an animation. The title of the animation is Tiger Mask. The first series of this animation was televised in 1971 from 1969, and the second series was televised in 1982 from 1981.

Tiger Mask Official Site (Japanese)
Wikipedia (Japanese)
Wikipedia (English)

A pro wrestler who says Tiger Mask is the theme for this animation. Tiger Mask is the name as the pro wrestler, and his name by the daily life is Naoto Date. This is a story of the hero who grew up at an orphanage.

This present social phenomenon is a donation to children. And the person who does a donation is using Naoto Date who is this hero of an animation as thier name. There is a person who uses a hero's or a heroine's name of other animations, too.

The Japanese is quite unique. So there are many animation and culture in Japan. And Japanese has spirit of a donation, too. But when donating, Japanese never reveal their real name. Japanese likes anonymity. Because the Japanese does't like pride and publicity stunt. The foreigner who come to Japan will know Japanese modesty. This is also one of Japanese human culture (the national character).

The school rucksacks donated at a various part of Japan from Naoto Date.

*Photo : The Sankei Shimbun

*Photo : The Mainichi Daily News

A toy and money besides a school rucksack are also donated. And the police and government office has also received a present for children because some person who does a donation doesn't know the location of the nursing home.

2011 year started. And, the economy of Japan has recovered little by little, I think so. And this warm-hearted story is a big topic in Japan now. I wish that this story continues.

Thank you.

(About a orphan in Japan)
The children's nursing home in Japan helps children who do not have parents or children who cannot live with parents by economic circumstances of their home. There are 563 nursing homes in Japan as of October in 2009, and about 30,000 of children are living. A pocket money of several thousand yen is paid for children of nursing home every month, but the finance of nursing home is severe. Therefore, the staff of nursing home is very grateful for this social phenomenon.

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