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Kanpei Earth Marathon finish soon!

Last article of Earth Marathon

Kanpei Hazama left Osaka in Japan to go around the earth by marathon and yacht on December 17th in 2008. He run and run, and he landed on Fukuoka in Japan after an interval of about two years on January 14, 2011. Now, he is doing the last marathon to Osaka in the starting point. His earth marathon reaches a goal (Osaka) on January 21. His great achievement is a big topic in Japan.

There are many videos of his earth marathon in YouTube. I introduce some videos.

What is Earth Marathon and Kanpei Hazama (Japanese version)

Encounter with people and his gag in U.S

Encounter with people and his gag in Turkey

Encounter with people and his gag in Japan

His marathon ends soon. But he start again work as a comedian in Japan at the same time. He will keep giving the happiness of courage and laughter to a lot of people.

Thank you.


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Okaeri nasai. Gokurosamadeshita.