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Pachinko, a kind of vertical pinball game, is one of the most popular pastimes in Japan. By controlling a manual or electric-spring flipper, a player launches steel balls to the top of the pachinko panel. If a falling ball enters a target hole, the machine dispenses five to fifteen balls. The accumulated balls can be exchanged for prizes such as cigarettes or sweets. Moreover, the prizes can be cashed outside the shop. Altough the numbers are decreasing now, there are about 12000 pachinko parlors in Japan and their total annual income is over 20 trillion yen.

*If you want to make many money in pachinko, your budget is over 10,000 yen. My budget was 40,000 yen always though I often did pachinko when I was a university student. However, it is impossible to win always. 40,000 yen will disappear in one hour if failing. On the other hand, 40,000 yen will become 100,000 yen in several hours. This is gambling. The traveler with a little money should never do pachinko!

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This is a panel of pachinko. The kind of the panel is a lot, and people plays with a favorite panel. The display is interesting because the latest pachinko is electronic.

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This is one of pachinko parlor. A lot of pachinko parlors are in the city, and a lot of women also are playing. The player can do pachinko comfortably because the latest pachinko parlor has a coffee shop and a small restaurant too. However, the noise in the inside of a parlor is extremely large. So, there is a player who has the earplug.

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Kazuno 2011/02/14 (Mon) 03:31 Edit/Delete

In Chile we have now a version of Japanese pachinko, highly addictive, in which prizes are in cash, because of this, these machines are on the edge of legality as it is not clear whether they are machines of chance or skill, so in some cities are simply seized and destroyed