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This article introduces the money of Japan. Please refer when you come to Japan.

*The note (bill) of Japan has many trick for prevention of counterfeit. Please do not counterfeit.

*Reference site : Currency Converter

*$1 (USD) = ¥83 (YEN) (Feb 21 2011)
*€1 (EUR) = ¥113 (YEN) (Feb 21 2011)

Note (Bill)

In general, 3 kinds of notes are used.

¥10000 : Yukichi Fukuzawa (Wikipedia)
¥5000 : Ichiyou Higuchi (Wikipedia)
¥1000 : Hideyo Noguchi (Wikipedia)

*The photo above is ¥5,000 note abolished in 2007, and the portrait is Inazou Nitobe, though the portrait of ¥5,000 note is Ichiyo Higuchi now.

Note that doesn't circulate

This is ¥2000 note issued in 2000, but this note doesn't circulate, because many vending machine in Japan did not correspond to ¥2000 note. The change of the vending machine is costly. Of course, this note is money, people can use this money in store. However, this note is hardly seen. If I get this ¥2000 note, I will keep this note.


6 kinds of coins are used. ¥1 coin also is used well.

¥500 : Flower and leaf of paulownia
¥100 : Yae Zakura (Double-flowered Cherry Blossoms)
¥50 : Single chrysanthemum
¥10 : Byodo-in (temple)
¥5 : Ear of rice
¥1 : Young tree

The technology of money of Japan is the highest one in the world, and counterfeit note is a little in Japan. So Japanese people use money more than credit card. Sometimes, I hear that a foreigner says that there are a shop and a restaurant where a credit card cannot be used in Japan. This is true. In high-level shop and restaurant, it is possible to use a credit card. But a card cannot be used in general public's shop and restaurant. The restaurant published in the Michelin guide book will be able to use a card. However, a really delicious restaurant is a general public's restaurant not published in the Michelin guide book. Please remember it.

Thank you.

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