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Restaurant (Cafeteria) in public office

*Showcase in restaurant in Sapporo city office

Travel in Japan is expensive for the foreigner. Especially, it is very appreciation of the yen today. The article series of this Economical Travel introduces a wise travel.

The food of Japan is expensive though it is delicious. However, you can get inexpensive food if you have enough money. Food of convenience store, station food, Cupnoodle, hahaha.

I introduce one wonderful restaurant. It is Restaurant (Cafeteria) in public office.

The public office in a large-scale city in Japan has a restaurant. The citizens and the staff use the restaurant. Of course, other citizens and foreigner can also use the restaurant.

*Sapporo city office
This is a city office in Sapporo where I live. Most city offices in Japan are at the central city. So the access to the city office is easy. Probably, your hotel is near city office. Moreover, there is 10 wards in Sapporo, and each ward has ward office with restaurant. People can use these restaurant.

*Showcase in restaurant in Sapporo city office
The food cost in pubilic office is inexpensive. It is about 30 percent cheaper than a usual restaurant. And taste is good. Sometimes, the food in public restaurant is published foods guide book as delicious food.

*Sapporo city office
People decide food while seeing the showcase. The person who doesn't understand Japanese either can easily choose food.

*Sapporo city office
The style is self-service. You should go here to take food by yourself after buying the meal ticket. And after the meal, you should return here the plate.

*Kakogawa city office
The size of the restaurant is various. It is very crowded in daytime. I recommend luggage to be put on the room at the hotel or train-station locker.

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How is Restaurant (Cafeteria) in public office? I go to there for lunch sometimes. The food is Inexpensive, delicious. It will be good for traveler too though there is not sushi, sashimi, etc. Please do a wise travel and enjoy Japan.

*Most public office don't open evening. The restaurant in public office open for lunch only. Take care.

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