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The political confusion continues

*Photo : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs until yesterday. He got a political contribution from foreigner in Japan. Money that he got is 250,000 yen for 5 years. The law of Japan prohibits foreigner's political contribution though the money that he got is few. Recently, his crime was found out, and, he resigned yesterday. His assumption period was 6 months only.

What has happened in Japanese politics?

*Photo : Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

He is the present Prime Minister Naoto Kan. He also confuses the politics of Japan. He will resign soon though he assumed the position of the Prime Minister last June. A lot of Japanese people gived up the current government. And, people hope for the retirement of the current government.

Political confusion continues in the Middle East and Africa. And also Japan now.

Thank you.

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