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New Shinkansen HAYABUSA

New Shinkansen began to run on March 5, 2011. The name of Shinkansen is HAYABUSA. This Shinkansen is not requesting a speed only now. The important one is comfortable. A good railway makes the comfort for traveler. Shinkansen of the new type was born. HAYABUSA connects Tokyo and Aomori.

The long nose is a feature of HAYABUSA. The commercial operation speed of this Shinkansen is 320 km/h though 300km/h this year only.

Some great importance as Japanese railway
1: Safety
2: Keep running
3: Loved by people
4: Comfort
5: Dream

Please watch this video. Can you feel someting the great importance as Japanese railway?

The main railways in Japan are 6 railway companies. JR EAST is a railway company that takes charge from Tokyo to Aomori. This video is the railway company's CM. And the song is a Singer group that says Ketsumeishi, and title is Train.

JR Central (JR TOKAI) is a railway company from Tokyo to Osaka. This company produces special CM at Christmas of every year. CM in 1992 adopted Takami Yoshimoto who one of the well-known actresses in Japan. This CM in 1992 is popular one. The song is by Tatsuro Yamashita, and title is Christmas Eve.

In the history and life of modern Japan, there is a railway always. People lived and lives with a railway. All children loves a train, railway carries people's youth and love, and make their dream to future. A social position of the railway in Japan is high very much.

And not speed, importance is comfort.

HAYABUSA says that which of your house and me is comfortable? HAYABUSA pursues this comfort very much. Of course, this train is more comfortable than the airplane.

Gran Class Seat
HAYABUSA has 3 class sheats. highest quality seat is Gran Class Seat. In this class, there is a special attendant. You can become to a king, and a princess. Because Japanese attendant waits on customer hand and foot.

Gran Class Seat
As for this uppermost class, meal and the drink are set. Of course, some alcohol too. Those are included in the fare.

Green Car Seat

Ordinary Car Seat
It is comfortable enough also in this class if you are not Sumo wrestler.

HAYABUSA connects Tokyo and Aomori where is north in about 3 hours.

Route map in English

Big Image (875KB)

Route map in Japanese

Big Image (1.24MB)

From Tokyo to Aomori (Shin Aomori station)
Ordinary Car Seat : 16,870 yen
Green Car Seat : 21,360 yen
Gran Class Seat : 26,360 yen
*As March 2011

She is an attendant of Gran Class, and waiting for you. However, this HAYABUSA is new. So many many Japanese is in HAYABUSA now. It is necessary to reserv if you want to get on HAYABUSA.

Please experience the comfort of Shinkansen of Japan when you come to Japan.

Thank you.

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Woman train driver of Shinkansen in Cokpit

This is the draiving Shinkansen. The person drives Shinkansen, and the computer is only a support of the driver. The railway company says. "The person's driving is the safest."
Moreover, the train driver of this video is a woman. Her name is "Kaori Hisanaga" and 27 years old. She is small and drives big Shinkansen at the max speed.
This video is recording of the television program of Japan. You understand driving Shinkansen though all are Japanese in this video.
This is a valuable video. Pleaes enjoy.

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