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Big Earthquake on March 11, 2:46PM

Big Earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2:46PM. This photo is at that time. Probably, this earthquake is the maximum scale in these several years

In Tokyo, that smoke is uncertain now. Fire? This is after the big earthquake.

The preparation for shelter of children is completed.


Now, Japan is shaking to the big earthquake. Big earthquake on 2:46PM. This earthquake is the maximum scale in these several years. The report of damage has not been reported yet. Probably, big damage now. And after the big earthquake, many many earthquake in several times now. This earthquake might be larger than New Zealand.

The epicenter is a sea in Miyagi Prefecture where is north Japan. This earthquake scale is Seismic Intensity 7!!!

In Japan, there is a peculiar numerical value (scale) that shows the shake of the earthquake besides the magnitude. It is called a seismic intensity. The numerical value uses 7 from 0. The Japanese learns the size of the shake by the numerical value of the seismic intensity.

Seismic Intensity 0 : Imperceptible to people.
Seismic Intensity 1 : Felt by only some people in the building.
Seismic Intensity 2 : Felt by most people in the building. Some people awake.
Seismic Intensity 3 : Felt by most people in the building. Some people are frightened.
Seismic Intensity 4 : Many people are frightened. Some people try to escape from danger. Most sleeping people awake.
Seismic Intensity 5 Lower : Most people try to escape from a danger. Some people find it difficult to move.
Seismic Intensity 5 Upper : Many people are considerably frightened and find it difficult to move.
Seismic Intensity 6 Lower : Difficult to keep standing.
Seismic Intensity 6 Upper : Impossible to keep standing and to move without crawling.
Seismic Intensity 7 : Thrown by the shaking and impossible to move at will.
*Sesimic Intensity is called Shindo in Japanese, and more important than magunitudes in Japan Earthquake Information.

Oh!.... shaking just now! It's terrible.....

And big tsunami (sea water wave) came already, and next tsunami comes again soon. The height of the tsunami is 6m or more. Many cars, buildings, and all was damage by tsunami already now. Don't go to near sea for people in Japan today.

This earthquake occurs in Miyagi Prefecture. The range of the shake is from Tokyo to Hokkaido. It's very wide range.

Damage will be reported by tonight.

I will report again if I get new information.

Take care!

2011/03/11 (Fri) 17:15

A lot of cars were overcome by the tsunami of the big earthquake about 2 hours ago.

Earthquake on 2:46PM : M8.4
Earthquake on 3:15PM : M7.4
*Estimate of the Japan Meteorological Agency

The Self Defense Forces (Japanese Force) will arrive at Miyagi Prefecture soon. Miyagi Prefecture is big damage.

2011/03/11 (Fri) 17:18

*photo 2:50PM
At that time, the Diet was held. The prime minister Naoto Kan set up the task force at once. It was said that the opposition party also would cooperate.

*photo 3:34PM
The ceiling in a part of building of Tokyo broke. There are a lot of injured persons. However, there is no report of the dead as of 5:22PM. And, there is not information on damage in the big building either.

The scale of this earthquake was large. Many many cars and some houses were overcome by the tsunami.

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2011/03/11 (Fri) 17:34
TV news says that 6 people dead. One is woman in fifties, and 5 elderly persons.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on your great loss,

2011/03/11 (Fri) 17:45
Now after 3 hours earthequake. I live in Sapporo north Japan. There is no damage in Sapporo now. I must go to outside for drink in Japanese pub with my friend soon. Tonight, our topic will be this earthquake long time, because I am an architect.

This my report of eathquake is end.

Take care!

2011/03/12 (Fri) 8:51
After 1 day from earthquake, there are many new information now. TV news says that 200 - 300 people or more dead....., missing people is 700 people now.

And many people in Minami Sanriku is missing now. Big Tsunami attacked Minami Sanriku.

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*The information of Japanese version is earlier than English version.
Earthquake news flash of the Meteorological Agency (Japanese)
Earthquake news flash of the Meteorological Agency (English)

Prime Minister of Japan and His Caninet (Japanese)
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julio cesar anaya 2011/03/11 (Fri) 18:54 Edit/Delete

I,m very sad watching the Japanese tv .
I don,t know what to say
I only wish the best for you.
You are very far from Spain but if I can help you
I,m ready
I feel sorry very much

diego osorio 2011/03/13 (Sun) 23:36 Edit/Delete

iam from colomina cali -Valle

my Japanese friend, first I send a big hello
second i qish would help your people but do not know how
You are a strong people