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After one day of the large earthquake

Big Fire
A fire occurred immediately after the earthquake. And, this fire kept burning in the middle of the night.

Big Tsunami
This tsunami reached North America and South America.

People today
Survivor people. Dying people.

The earthquake occurred at 2:46PM, March 11, 2011. The magnitude of the Meteorological Agency announcement is 8.8. It was a largest-ever earthquake in Japan. The earthquake shook Sapporo and Tokyo. And, big tsunami came after the earthquake. It is said that the height of the tsunami was 6 - 10m. Most of the cause of this damage is said the tsunami.

After one day of the large earthquake, damage is large.
*This information is 7:00PM of March 12.
*Information by some newspapers or internet news

(Region where damage is large)
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture

The dead : 1,000 persons or more
Missing : 645 persons
Injured : 1368 persons

(Public equipment)
Power failure : 4,420,000 households
Gas failure : 445,000 households

(Major Railway that stops)
Tohoku Shinkansen
Yamagata Shinkansen
Akita Shinkansen

(Airport that stops)
Sendai Airport (SDJ)
Hanamaki Airport (HNA)
Ibaragi Airport (IBR)

(Other big damage)

Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion

The Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded at 3:36PM, March 12. The radioactivity leaks now. The evacuation order is announced officially to 20km of the nuclear power plant in the radius.

Appreciation of the yen advances
I thought yen to be sold after this disaster. Depreciation of the yen is desirable for the economy of Japan because the export of the industry of Japan is the main. Yen is bought now though yen was sold immediately after the earthquake. The financial press says some reasons.
1: The risk avoidance of the Middle East and Africa is important for the investor.
2: One data of the consumption depression of the United States promotes dollar sales.
3: Yen is activated for the earthquake disaster reconstruction.
Anyway, yen is bought now.

(Rescue situation)

The Self Defense Forces (SDF is Japanese Force) play the role of the main rescue team now. Prime Minister Naoto Kan set up emergency headquarters immediately after the occurrence of the earthquake, and, he announced officially to 50,000 SDF personnel. However, their activity is rescuing with difficulty now.

(Now of victim)

The evacuee is estimated to be several 100,000 people or more.

The evacuee is supplied foods and facilities already, but they are starting a long life in a shelter, and they fight against the stress of the life.

(Support of foreign country)

They are NGO "Humedica" in Germany that arrived at New Tokyo International Airport today, and more members of Humedica will arrives later.

President Obama in the United States said that we offer our highest support to Japan. And, 144 persons of rescue team, rescue dogs and relief supplies of 150 tons will arrive at Japan soon. And, 8 vessels of naval forces are heading for Japan including aircraft carrier Reagan now. Of course, U.S. Forces Japan have already started the rescue activity.

And, a lot of countries are offering support to Japan now.

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Sympathies from the world

This photo is in Tokyo now, and it is Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower shines beautifully by the light usually. However, it has turned off most lightings today. Because a lot of power plants have stopped now, and the electric power is insufficient in a part of region. Therefore, a lot of facilities in East Japan and North Japan save the electric power now. I also turn off an unnecessary light in my house, and I send the stricken district my electric power. A lot of Japanese are doing the same thing.

I begin to write this article at 8:30PM. And now, 0:18AM 13th. My house shakes sometimes. TV frequently says the earthquake news flash.

(March 13)
00:17AM : Magnitude 2.8 at Tochigi
00:00AM : Magnitude 2.5 at Nagano
(March 12)
11:56PM : Magnitude 2.4 at Nagano
11:50PM : Magnitude 6.1 at Iwate
11:47PM : Magnitude 6.1 at Iwate
11:40PM : Magnitude 4.4 at Niigata
11:39PM : Magnitude 4.3 at Ibaragi
11:18PM : Magnitude 5.2 at Ibaragi
11:07PM : Magnitude 5.8 at Miyagi
10:35PM : Magnitude 3.9 at Nagano
10:35PM : Magnitude 5.3 at Iwate
10:31PM : Magnitude 4.8 at Miyagi
10:25PM : Magnitude 6.0 at Fukushima
10:19PM : Magnitude 6.0 at Fukushima
10:15PM : Magnitude 4.3 at Mie
10:09PM : Magnitude 2.6 at Niigata
09:59PM : Magnitude 5.9 at Minami sanriku
09:38PM : Magnitude 3.9 at Fukushima
08:52PM : Magnitude 5.6 at Ibaragi

I end this article here. I must go to bed soon, and probably, I will hear new damage in Japan next morning.....

And I watched new information just now (1:17AM), 10,000 persons of Minami Sanriku cho (town) is missing.....
The population of Minami Sanriku is about 17,000 people. People of the more than half are missing. Minami Sanriku faces the sea. And, a big tsunami attacked this small port town. The tsunami reaches immediately after the earthquake. Perhaps, a lot of people in Minami Sanriku might be in the sea.

I pray dead people's soul may rest in peace.....

Take care!

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*The information of Japanese version is earlier than English version.
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Earthquake news flash of the Meteorological Agency (English)

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