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No damage in Sapporo Vol.1

Sapporo of today afternoon. The population of Sapporo is about 1.9 million people. It is a very big city.

However, Sapporo is safe.

The big earthquake occurred in Tohoku on March 11, and Tohoku is big damage. It is said that the dead are several thousand people or more.

I have already introduced this earthquake in another article. Please see it of the earthquake.

By the way, I have recived many many mail from my friends in the world now. Most mail says "Hiroki! are you ok?". I'm thankful for those mails.
And I am ok, everything is ok. Sapporo is not damage by this earthquake, there were shaking on March 11 in Sapporo, but the shaking was little. Sapporo is safe now.

The earthquake gave Tohoku big damage. Many many people dead already. It is big tragedy for us. However, damage is only a part of region in Japan. Japan is not too small. In a lot of regions in Japan, there is no damage. So don't worry.

My work begin tomorrow usually.

I have recived many many mail, and I can't replay to all mail. In this article, I wanted to say that I am ok.

Thank you.

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Hiroki E-Mail 2011/03/17 (Thu) 20:48 Edit/Delete


This is test contribution by Hiroki.

I am adjusting the blog contribution system now.

This message is published for several months.

Thank you.

Julie Etchart 2011/03/18 (Fri) 07:18 Edit/Delete

I feel deeply sorry to see that the good people of Japan is suffering so much. This is the second time that the world learns an extremely important lessoon from the painful experience of your country.
I am writing to you from Uruguay, South America. My comment for you is that your page is nice and, I think, so are you

Hiroki E-Mail 2011/03/18 (Fri) 16:23 Edit/Delete

Hola! Julie Etchart!

Thank you for your comment very much. Yes, we have to learn someting from damaged Japan. Nature of our Earth is great, and is teaching for us someting. I hope that we man learn someting.
And Uruguay is offering support to Japan now. All Japanese citizens express gratitude to the friendship and kindness of people in Uruguay. Gracias.

Julie Etchart E-Mail 2011/03/24 (Thu) 06:39 Edit/Delete

Hola, Hiroki!
Thank you! I wonder how you manage to produce extra time to answer to all of us!
I am very glad to know you are safe in Sapporo. I happen to know two beautiful persons who were born there. One of them is presently living in Uruguay, and the other one once visited my country and his comment was that the fields in Uruguay are very much like yours! Some day I shall send a picture to you so that you can tell if this is true. I adhere to my first impression: you are a very nice person.