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After two days of the large earthquake

*Photo : Sankei News
*She is crying because she knows family's safety.

The 2 days passed from the earthquake. The announced damage has increased. I introduce major information reported in Japan in this article today.

In Japan

Scale of earthquake
The Meteorological Agency corrected the scale of the earthquake today. The scale of the earthquake on March 11 is magnitude 9.0. This scale is the maximum in Japan.

The dead are tens of thousands of people
The police in Miyagi Prefecture say that the dead are tens of thousands of people. A lot of policemen and SDF personnel are proceeding to the stricken area. However, the scale of the rescue team doesn't reach the scale of damage. Damage is too large.

Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture
In this city, there is 40 Chinese's trainee. However, there is no report of them. Many of damage of this earthquake is Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture. The foreign resident in Japan of the data of the Ministry of Justice in 2009 is 3100 people in Iwate Prefecture, 7500 people in Miyagi Prefecture, and 5300 people in Fukushima Prefecture.

Nuclear power plant
Two nuclear power plants are crises now, and this 2 plants is in Fukushima Prefecture. As for the range of 20km in the radius from the power plant, the evacuation order is announced officially. The radioactivity leaks a little, and about 100 people who lives in near the plants were exposed to radiation from the plants. Shelter of tens of thousands of people continues now.
The government says that the leaking radioactivity is very little now. However, don't go to near the plants.

Premeditated power failure
A lot of power plants were hardly damaged by this earthquake, and as for Tohoku and Kanto, the electric power is insufficient. The electric power company tries to send the electric power from other regions, and after tomorrow, a premeditated power failure will be executed for saving power, though details are undecided.

People who protect new life

*Photo : Sankei News
Here is a hospital of obstetrics and gynecology in Iwate Prefecture where was harldly damaged. The electric power and water are insufficient in the stricken area. People in the stricken area are offering them for a new life now. People in Japan think that this new life rebuilds Japan, and protect new life.

People who maintain social order

*Photo : jijicom
Here is a supermarket car parking. The building of store was damaged, so item for sale is sold outside. All people maintain social order. Of course, there is not plunder and riot. Media of the foreign country admires this.

People who help each other

*Photo : jijicom
People live in refuge while helping each other. There is people's roles there, and, people are cooperating. Moreover, the report is said that evacuees are making a bath on the outside. Yes, Japanese likes taking a bath very much. However, the life of the refuge gives people tiredness. The construction of temporary housing early is hoped.

Support of foreign country

Maximum level supports from Russia
Prime Minister Putin expressed the maximum support to Japan. Russia can offer natural gas 150,000 tons and coal 3,000,000 - 4,000,000 tons at the early stage. And President Medvedev expressed that we can send 200 rescue team people.

Aircraft carrier arrived
The United States aircraft carrier (USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76) arrived today. The transportation of the support goods started with the Self Defense Forces in Japan. The United States is sending 8 warships to the stricken area, and there is information that other 2 aircraft carrier is doing the rescue activity.
The mission name of the U.S. Army is Tomodachi Sakusen (Mission Frirend).

The rescue team in the world arrived at Japan
The rescue teams of USA, North Korea, China, Germany, Switzerland, and Singapore arrived at Japan already. And The teams of UK, France, Turkey, and New Zealand arrives soon. The arriving rescue team has already done the rescue activity now.

Message from foreign country

*Photo : Sankei News
UK newspaper "The Independent on Sunday" says "Ganabare Nippon (Don't give up, Japan), Ganbare Tohoku (Don't give up, Tohoku)" on their top page. Media all over the world are encouraging Japan. I wish their messages to reach people in the stricken area.

Children in India pray

*Photo : Sankei News
They are children in India.
All Japanese citizens express gratitude to the friendship and kindness of people all over the world.

In Japan, all channel of TV is a program of the earthquake now. I think that there are refuge where is set TV, so some programs of amusement is better for an evacuee. The information is important very much, but all channel of TV is a program of the earthquake, and a contents of all channel is same. I don't understand why the government doesn't consider the mental of an evacuee. And, the report of the support of the foreign country is few in TV program. Their support gives the evacuee courage very much. I want to appeal it to public opinion.

I go to bed soon, and my work of weekday begin tomorrow. My information of the earthquake in this my blog is end.

I hope that a lot of victims are rescued, and I 'd like to thank all support from foreign country.

Thank you and take care.

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julio cesar anaya 2011/03/14 (Mon) 21:55 Edit/Delete

I,m glag to know you are ok.
I can,t say with a little words what I feel.
I remember Japanesse people everyday .
I admired you before the earthquite and I even admire more.I would like to help people but I don,t know how.
I hope everything is fixed bit a bit
Japanesse people are and will be in my heart.

Merche 2011/03/15 (Tue) 06:12 Edit/Delete

Hi Hiroki? how's all going? I'm worried about the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power station because the news here are not very encouraging. I hope you're doing well and I'm a little sad because I can't do anything right now for help your country. I'll pray for you and all Japan.

Gaëlle 2011/03/18 (Fri) 09:57 Edit/Delete

I'm From France, all my thoughts go out to Japanese people.

Hiroki E-Mail 2011/03/18 (Fri) 16:14 Edit/Delete

Konnichiwa (Hello)

Julio Cesar Anaya

Hola! I am ok everything with my family, and friends. Japan was damaged by the big earthquake. And the great nature of our Earth says "Man is small, Man can't do alone anything, Why does man destroy nature?, etc". We must learn someting now. I hope that Peru and all countries learn something from damaged Japan. Gracias!


Hola! How is Spain? I know that all Spain is good very much. Thank you for your comment. In Japan now, some nuclear power stations was damaged very much. However, the radiation leak is very little and very low level. And the policeman and the Self Defense Forces of 50 people is entering the damaged nuclear plants, and they are fighting with the plants now. The crisis will leave soon by their courageous doing. They are become HERO soon. Merche, we Japanese are ok, because people over the world is praying for Japan. I thanks to all people in the world. Gracias


Bonjour. Thank you for your commnet from France very much. I exress gratitude to your friendship and kindness. Japan is already a stage of the revival. The Japanese will not forget your kindness for ever. Merci

Arigatou (Thanks)