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New Year's Card 2010

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This image is a New Year's card of Japan. This New Year's card was what I made, and I sent 300 cards this time. My father sent about 500 cards. This number is cards sent from the house only. The card sent from the company is more. The population of Japan is about 120 million people. The number is 6000 million when assuming 50 cards per person. This number is terrible!! All New Year's card that was posted to the post office by December 25 is delivered to the address on January 1. The post office should deliver all New Year's cards on January 1. It is not January 2 or December 31. So as for the post office in Japan, this season is the busiest. And, the most unpleasant thing in this season of the Japanese is this New Year's card. However, because this is a tradition of Japan, we do. However, the power of PC is great in recent years. The New Year's card is printed in large quantities with the printer of the house. After the print, I fill in the comment only.

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This image is the front of the New Year's card. The address is written here. This format is a standard of the New Year's card, and one card is 50 yen. Moreover, the number under the card is a lottery. When buying it, this number is marked to the New Year's card. And, the winning number is announced after the New Year, and the winner obtains a prize. There are a lot of kinds of prize such as travel, electrical appliances, game machines, and stamps, etc. This is one of the enjoyments of the Japanese at the New Year. It is advantageous like the person who gets a lot of New Year's cards.

*A New Year's card is a postcard on which New Year's greetings are written along with some news or how you are doing these days. Many Japanese write and send them to their friends, relatives and former teachers. The number sent ranges from a few dozen to several hundred.

The lifestyle from old times is succeeded to though the 21st century is an age of space and the robot. The succession of the custom and the culture is important for modern people.

Thank you.

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