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Crisis of nuclear power plant is leaving

Interview of Tokyo Fire Department at night of the 19th. They are the member of the hyper rescue team, and returned from Fukushima to Tokyo tonight after the activity. People says that they are the Heros and the Saviours.

Tokyo Fire Department announced details of the activity at 10:00PM of the 19th. And they said that the activity succeeded, and the radiation level has decreased at the same time. Some members returned to Tokyo, and a journalist asked the member. "What do you want now?", he said. "I want to sleep now".

*Photo : The Self Defense Forces
The Fukushima nuclear power plant was a crisis situation. However, the crisis is being overcome as of 1:00AM, March 20th. The hyper rescue team of Tokyo Fire Department kept spraying water from 2:00PM of the 19th to 0:30AM of the 20th. The special water cannon car kept spraying the water of 3000 tons or more per minute for 10 and a half hours. It was large quantities of water, however the water is unlimited, because the water is seawater.

*Photo : Sankei News
The special water cannon car. The hose of this water cannon car reaches 22m in height, and can spray maximum 3800 tons water per minute.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant has 6 plants. The hyper rescue team sprayed water to the most dangerous 3rd plants.

The cause of this crisis is a stop of the cooling device by the electric power stop. The rise of the temperature of the nuclear power plant is dangerous very much. The small amount of radiation has already leaked. The large amount of radiation leaks when the temperature exceeds the limit. So, in the activity, cooling is a purpose.

The radioactivity is recorded partially of Japan though the level is very low, and the level is not problem for helth. The level is about once of the CT scan of the medical treatment.

And the decrease at the level was confirmed today after the activity of spraying warter.

And the power supply has recovered to a part of plants, and the electric power of all the plants will recover in few days. The temperture of 5th and 6th plants is low (48℃) already.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant shook Japan and the world. However, the worst crisis seems to be avoided by a lot of brave people. A good report will be announced again tomorrow.

Thank you.

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