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Japan Now, March 27 2011

About 2 weeks passed from the earthquake on March 11. The recovery has already started in the stricken area. And, the nuclear power plant doesn't make a big crisis now though the nuclear power plant doesn't recover. The earthquake damage doesn't recover yet, however, Japan doesn't stop, the stricken area is only a part in Japan, and, Japan is not too small. I introduce Japan now.

The opening of Koshien

*Photo : Sankei News
Koshien is high school student's baseball tournament, is held 2 times about spring and sunnmer. Koshien of the spring of this year opened in Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture on March 22. The victory high school's baseball teams in various places in Japan are gaming the baseball everyday till April 3. Yes, it's final championsihip game on April 3. Most Japanese are enjoying to their dinamic play.

Big election started.

*Photo : Dairy Sport
The election activity started on March 24 in Japan. This election is prefectural governor, and the election day is April 10. In Japan, there are 47 prefectures, and the elections are 12 prefectures this time. Moreover, the mayors and the assembly members in 15 cities in Japan elect at the same time. The candidate is quietly doing the election activity now, because it is attention to the stricken area.

The entertainer's charity

*Photo : Sankei News
They are AKB48. Do you kno them? They are one most famous singer girl's group (Idol), and they had a plan of concert in Yokohama on March 25 to 27, but the concert was canceled. Therefore, they participated in the movie festival in Okinawa yesterday and today. They called for fund-raising for Tohoku people. AKB48 is very popular, so big money will be got.

I LOVE AKB48!!! hahaha

AKB48 in my page

Okinawa International Movie Festival (English)

A lot of entertainers are calling for fund-raising in Japan now, sports player, music singer, comedian, and actor and actress, etc. It will become a vast sum of money.

The strong yen

After the earthquake, money of Japan is appreciation of the yen. Before the earthquake, yen was 82 yen against US dollar. And, after the earthquake, yen was 76 yen, and G8 intervened the exchange, and yes returned about 81 - 82 yen. I expected the big fall of the yen after the earthquake. However, appreciation of the yen is keeping now. As for Japan, the recovery of economy is expected by the big reconstruction activity. Therefore, the investor in the world is buying yen now.

Appreciation of the yen buys the thing of the foreign country easily for the Japanese, so, a lot of Japanese are buying money of the foreign country now. People are expecting a profit from the strong yen. My mother bought 30,000 Australian dollar last week. Only 2 weeks passed from the big earthquake, but the Japanese is cool very much.

New sweet was born yesterday

*Photo : Kanaloco
A new sweet was born yesterday in Kanagawa Prefecture. The name is Shonan Gold. This sweet uses the new kind of orange. Many people in Kanagawa bought this sweet yesterday. I want to eat it, maybe it is very delicious. If you come to Yokohama, please try it once.

Many damage by the earthquakes is Tohoku region. Life in the stricken area is severem, and many victims has difficulty now. Howver, there are one lucky in Japan, it is that all Japan has not been struck. A lot of people of usual life are maintained. This saves the stricken area. Usual life is very important. And, a lot of people can help the victim.

And, the sun rises again tomorrow.

Thank you.

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