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Japan Now, April 15 2011

Japan experienced the big earthquake on March 11, and, one month passed. The damage of the nuclear power plant is a very small range, and the revival of Japan has already started. I introduce the situation of recent Japan.

Resume of Tokyo Disneyland
*Photo : Mainichi Shinbun
Tokyo Disneyland was damaged by the big earthquake, and stopped for the saving of the electric power. However, Tokyo Disneyland started again today (April 15). 10,000 people or more visited opening ceremony at 8:00AM, and Mickey mouse and people met again.

New Drama of TV started
One drama started today (April 15). The idol group AKB48 in Japan appears to this drama. The title is Majisuka Gakuen 2. Many fans of AKB48 is pleased very much!

Takayama Festival started
A big festival that reported the visit of spring started yesterday. It's Takayama Festival in Gifu, and this festival is held on the 14th and the 15th. Many many people visited to Takayama in this two days.

Government of United States
The government of USA removed the limitation of going overseas to Tokyo, because Tokyo has not big damaged of the nuclear power plant, and the nuclear power plant is stable already.

Sendai Airport was opened again
Sendai Airport had damaged very much by the tsunami, however, this airport was opened again at April 13. People in Asia are very surprised now, How fast revival of the airport!!!

Pro Base Ball League started
*Photo : SANSPO
The professional baseball began on April 12, and, 12 team are fighting in various regions in Japan now. A lot of Japanese have gotten excited now. However, the team in Tohoku is being assisted by a lot of Japanese now. The name of team is Tohoku Rakuten Eagles, of course, it is the team in the stricken area.

Season of Sakura (cherry blossoms)
*Photo : Jiji Tsushin
Sakura bloomed this year too, and it is very beautiful every time. This photo is Osaka April 14. Many many people are enjoying the sakura now.

Very lucky for the traveler now
In Japan, the traveler is few now, because the foreigner fears the earthquake and the nuclear power plant. However, it is only a part of region in Tohoku. It is very very little area only. Most Japan had not damaged completely. So the people's life is not changed completely. The truth is this. Therefore, a traveler today is lucky very much. A lot of hotels are cheap now. The sightseeing spot is not crowded now. Transportation is normal excluding Tohoku. I recommend travel to Japan now.

*Illustrator : だんちょ(Dancho)
Tohoku region was greatly damaged, however, people do not stop, do not give up. And the revival has already started. And, the speed of the revival accelerates.

Cold winter ended already, and the sun in Japan rises high with people in the world.

Thank you.

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