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My Kitchen Garden

I have first challenged the kitchen garden this year in my house. Nobody takes care of my garden of my house. Weeds and weeds! So I have challenged now. Today, I show you my garden. Pictures in this article was taken by me today.

Although it is difficult to buy a house in Japan, many people have a strong desire to own their own home. Therefore, the rate of home ownership in Japan is as high as 81.4% (house and apartment as 2012). And the rate of house is about 60%.
And my house stands on a lot which is nearly 330 square meters in Sapporo city.

Recentry, my garden has many many weeds, it seems to be a jungle. I plowed a part of garden.

I plowed very big area in the jungle. And I planted some seedlings of vegetables a few weeks ago.

I planted,
Tomato x5
Cucumber x4
Eggplant x3
Green pepper x3
Sweet pepper x3
Green soybeans x9
Strawberry x7
Green shiso leaf x2
Red shiso leaf x3
Asparagus x12

Vegetables are growing little by little.

Green soybeans. For me, harvest is pleasure. With beer!

Baby of cucumber/

I am first challenging the kitchen garden now, and I don't know how to make thire. hahaha I am stading now. I will report progress of my kitchen garden from now on.

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adam 2013/06/27 (Thu) 10:47 Edit/Delete

Nice garden you should get plenty of tasty veggies from that lot.

sccheah E-Mail 2014/04/07 (Mon) 18:36 Edit/Delete

Very good work, Keep it up!