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Number of people in a family

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The avarage number of people per family in Japan was 2.58 in 2005, according to a public survey, but it used to be about 5 back in 1955. After the Second World War, many people moved to metropolitan areas, leaving the farms where they needed to live with their extended family who helped out with the farm work. Thus, nuclear families which consist of one couple and their children started becoming more common. Meanwhile, the number of senior citizens over 75 years old who live alone is estimated to triple in the next 10 years.

The image above is a popular Manga(cartoon) in Japan that says Sazae-san. This Manga of Sazae-san started in 1946, and expresses an ideal family. Sazae-san is still telecasted on the television now.

The family in Japan is a few people now. Moreover, there are a lot of couples who don't want the child. Therefore, the population of Japan decreases in recent years. And, the work force is insufficient, and this becomes a big problem of the society.

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