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There is no doubt that Walt Disney was the first person to popularize animated cartoons throughout the world. But today, the quality of Japanese animation is also world-famous and many Japanese cartoones are exported. There are some animated cartoons such as "Pokemon" which were big successes on US TV. The first Japanese animator to become famous overseas was Tezuka Osamu. He produced many popular cartoon series for TV like "Tetsuwan Atom" which was first broadcast in 1962. It is known by the name "Astro Boy" in US. Hayao Miyazaki, who directed numerous animated movies, such as "Princess Mononoke", enhanced the quality of animation in general, and it began attracting adult audiences.
The image above is early "Tetsuwan Atom". Animation at that time was black and white.

*Name of "Tetsuwan Atom"
In Japan : Tetsuwan Atom
In US : Astro Boy
In English : Mighty Atom

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Tetsuwan Atom was remade by the color in 1980. When I was a child, I saw Tetsuwan Atom of this color on TV.

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He is Tezuka Osamu. He is a pioneer of animation in Japan. He was born in 1928 in Osaka in Japan, and died in 1989. His cartoon gave big courage and hope to people in poor Japan of postwar days.

The cartoon might be bad for the education, but the cartoon might be good. Especially, the cartoon telecasted on TV takes the social responsibility. Such a cartoon easily influences people, and a good cartoon has a good influence. Especially, the child is influenced easily. But the cartoon in recent years satirizes the society in real, and it is harm for child sometimes. I hope that the cartoon like Mr. Tezuka is born in the future.

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Rene 2010/03/08 (Mon) 18:01 Edit/Delete

Thank you for your nice report.
In Germany, many people think anime is for children only, because they are cartoons, because they do not know that in Japan it is an integral part of Japanese cultural heritage.
The entertainment industry in Japan produced the anime so makes about 80.Milliarden EURO in Turnover and order that is already enormous.
I love Japanese anime and they look even though I'm almost 40 years old, still very happy, very pleased, it gave me the series on TV, the Japanese are still running "metantei conan.
I always see them in Japanese language with German subtitles, and thus learn a little Japanese and have fun doing it.